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Second World War Second World War, Including regimental and divisional histories, personal accounts, general histories and works of reference   104 Books
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The Story of the 2/4th Battalion The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1939-1946. 1st Ed., orig. printed card wraps., 90pp., map. Printed by Adlard & Son, Dorking.  #59958
[HLMainPic] Campaigns in France 1940, Tunisia, Italy (inc. Salerno) & Greece. Roll of Hon., awards & officers. VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £120
British Army of the Rhine Battlefield Tour. Operation Bluecoat. 8 Corps Operations South of Caumont 30-31 July 1944. Spectator's Ed., xi+49pp., foolscap, 12 photos., 6 maps (5 bound-in, 1 in endpocket), 2 fldg. aerial photos. Prepared under the Direction of G (Trg) HQ BAOR. 1947  #59133
[HLMainPic] RESTRICTED. Detailed account of the planning & execution of this phase of the Normandy Breakout, with various original Operation Orders &c. reproduced. Excellent coloured fldg. maps. Preface states that this tour is "especially concerned with the part played by 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division in those operations. It forms the necessary background to a detailed study of the battle carried out on the ground." Orig. blue cloth, gilt to front. VG & rare (600 copies printed of this edition, which supersedes the June 1947 Edition: the principal difference being the addition of photos.). See illustration on our website.   £275
The Story of the 25th Indian Division: The Arakan Campaign. Orig. dec. wraps., 36pp., photos. throughout, fldg. map. Bombay: DPR, WD. nd (c.1945).  #57515
[HLMainPic] The division's exploits in Arakan 1944-45 inc. Myebon, Akyab & the epic Kangaw blockade. VG. See illustration on our website.   £35
Hertfordshire Field Gazette: Italian Campaign, Aug. 1944-Jan. 1945. 1st Ed., orig. dec. wraps., v+105pp. No imprint, but printed in Italy. 1945  #59412
[HLMainPic] 1st Bn. Hertfordshire Regiment, 66th Inf. Bde., 1st British Div., during the Batle of the Gothic Line &c. Includes casualty lists by Coy., KiA, wounded, missing &c. Orig. dec. wraps., little creased & wor, about VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £85
Royal Engineers Battlefield Tour: Normandy to the Seine. 1st Ed., ix+187pp., foolscap, 30 photos., 26 maps (most fldg.). VG in dw. Prepared under the direction of Chief Engineer British Army of the Rhine. August 1946  #60182
[HLMainPic] RESTRICTED. "Prepared by HQ 8 AGRE so that succeeding generations of RE officers visiting the battlefields of N.E. Europe may get as realistic as possible a picture of the problems confronting the REs in a major campaign in Europe & of some of the methods used to solve them." Fabulous detail on RE aspects of Operation Overlord, the Normandy Breakout & advance to the Seine, inc. RE Order of Battle & numerous accounts by participating officers & NCOs. Excellent photos., very nicely printed on large plates inc. several fldg. panoramas, one an impressive view of the invasion fleet off Courseulles on D+4, another of the area of the 6th Airborne Div. landings. Equipment shown includes DD tanks, flail tank in action &c. Equally exceptional, detailed col. printed maps of operations, beach defences &c. Orig. brown cloth, gilt, VG in dw & rare. See illustrations on our website.   £275
History of 7th Armoured Division June 1943-July 1945. 1st Ed., [v]+171pp., num. photos., 11 fldg. maps in end pocket. AP&SS, BAOR. 1946  #60180
[HLMainPic] Excellent contemp. account: Italy then North-West Europe campaign 1944-45. Well illustrated. Orig. grey cloth, titled in red, VG. See illustration on our website.   £30
The Reconnaissance Journal. Vol. 6, No. 1, Autumn 1949. Orig. printed wraps., 40pp., several photos. Recce Corps Comrades' Assoc. 1949  #60032
[HLMainPic] Contains news from various OCAs &c. re reunions, members' news &c. Also several intersting articles such as Early Days of the 61st Recce. VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £30
The Reconnaissance Journal. Vol. 5, No. 3, Spring 1949. Orig. printed wraps., [8]pp. Recce Corps Comrades' Assoc. 1949  #60031
[HLMainPic] Contains news from various OCAs &c. re reunions, members' news &c. VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £25
Notes on G.S.G.S. Maps of France, Belgium & Holland. December 1943. 52pp. letterpress & maps, +xii & xiv & cxxvi & xv & xiiipp. (Glossary of French Topograpchical Terms & Abbreviations, + Gazetteers of the stated countries), num. maps inset, + several dozen maps & charts (many coloured & fldg.) bound in between the text pages, most reproduced from the original sheets. Foolscap format. GSGS, War Office, December 1943, with SECRET classification & date December 1943 to front. Printed for the War Office. Contemp.  #57281
[HLMainPic] Very rare SECRET contemp. British intelligence material produced by GSGS [Geographical Section, General Staff], the introduction stating: "The object of these notes is to show what maps are available, or will shortly be so, in this area, to describe the material used for their preparation, & to provide certain auxiliary information such as glossaries, gazetteers, & detailed indices. It must be emphasized that the information given in these notes is only accurate to the date to which it applies, December 1943, & that, for instance, new series, new editions of individual sheets, or new town plans may be prepared. In general terms, however, the maps mentioned will be those supplied for operational requirements in this area." The purpose seems to have been to provide examples of maps & comment on their accuracy, possibly for the guidance of maps supply officers at Army, Corps & Div. HQs so that they could select the right type of map for any operation they were planning. There were four volumes in the 'series', this one & others on The Balkans; Germany, Denmark & Central Europe, & Italy, Sicily, Sardinia & Corsica. The volume here presented contains notes on mapping & survey of the stated areas, & how they were carried out by cartographers & survey teams, & some of the historical background of the countries' own surveys, as well as the large selection of maps & plans with detailed notes on their composition & value, lists of sheets in the GSGS Map Library, &c. Orig. paper covd. boards (dec. coloured map, stated to be abstract from GSGS 2957, Europe & Asia 1/4m, Sheet 19, Central Europe, but in fact it is a map of Western Europe in the series!), VG. See illustrations on our website.   £225
The Reconnaissance Journal. Vol. 5, No. 2, Winter 1948-9. Orig. printed wraps., [8]pp. Recce Corps Comrades' Assoc. 1948  #60029
[HLMainPic] Contains news from various OCAs &c. VG & rare. See illustration on our website.   £25

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