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ASPINALL-OGLANDER (Brig. C.F., CB, CMG, DSO) Military Operations: Gallipoli. 1st Eds., complete in 2 text Vols. + 2 Vols. of maps/appendices: xvii+380pp., 20 photos., 19 sketch maps; xiv+517pp., 19 photos., 4 sketch maps; viii+77pp., 5 fldg. maps & vii+85pp., 6 fldg. maps. Heinemann. 1929-1932  #58888
[HLMainPic] Excellent & widely acclaimed history of which Falls states "No serious student of the War can avoid reading this book... he will find this no imposition, for the book is easily & attractively written." Orig. cloth, gilt, an exceptional set, all vols. near fine & scarce thus. See illustration on our website.   £325
HAY (Ian) The Ship of Remembrance: Gallipoli-Salonika. 1st Ed., 43pp., 8 plates, ep maps. VG in sl. rubbed dw. H&S. nd  #58886
[HLMainPic] Account of the St. Barnabas pilgrimage to the war cemeteries & battlefields of the Eastern Mediterannean. Orig. cloth, VG, in sl. rubbed dw (scarce thus). See illustration on our website.   £45
STIRLING (Major J.D.P.) The First & The Last: The Story of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards 1939-1945. 1st Ed., xv+192pp., num. photos. & maps. Art & Educational Publishers, For Private circulation. 1946  #58885
[HLMainPic] BEF 1940 inc. evacuation from Dunkirk, NW Europe 1944-45, landing on D Day with 50th Div., excellent & well illustrated account of the operations. Nominal rolls, casualties &c. Orig. black cloth, gilt, VG. See illustration on our website.   £65
WHITE (Lt.-Col. O.G.W., DSO) Straight on for Tokyo: The War History of the 2nd Bn. The Dorsetshire Regiment 1939-1948. 1st Ed., xix+425pp., col. frontis., 73 photos., 14 maps. VG in worn dw Aldershot: G&P. 1948  #58884
[HLMainPic] BEF in France 1939-40 then Burma with 2nd British Division: Kohima, advance south & across the Irrawaddy to Mandalay. Roll of Hon., awards. Detailed history with many good photos. & maps. Orig. green cloth, gilt, minor wear, VG. See illustration on our website.   £35
HAWKS (Ellison, 2nd Lt., RFA) A Subaltern's Letters from the Somme. 1st Ed., viii+167pp., portrait frontis., 6 plates. Printed for the Author by Clowes & Sons. 1917  #58883
Letters from the Somme front Feb.-July 1916 inc. atmospheric account of artillery activities in spring of 1916, work at the OP &c., the bombardment prior to assault at Thiepval on 1/7/16 &c. Ellison Hawks was born in 1889 & despite leaving grammar school at 15 to work as a clerk with the Commercial Union in Leeds forged a parallel career as a writer of popular science books (such as 'The Boys' Book of Astonomy'). In 1914 he enlisted as a despatch rider in the RNAS, received a commission in the RFA of the 49th (West Riding) Division, was gassed on the Somme in July 1916 (putting an end to his active service in the Great War). His remarkable career as author, publicist, photographer, editor continued almost up to his death in 1971. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, VG, interesting & rare privately printed work. See illustration on our website.   £145
PARSONS (Major A.D.) et al. The Maroon Square: A History of the 4th Bn. The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) in North-West Europe 1939-1946. 1st Ed., 231pp., 8 photos., 5 fldg. maps. VG in dw. Franey & Co. 1955  #58865
[HLMainPic] 43rd Wessex Div. from Normandy through the Low Countries to Arnhem, Reichswald, Rhine & Bremen. Roll of Hon., awards. VG in dw & rare. See illustration on our website.   £75
MEPHAM (C.R.) From Belgium to Dunkirk. 1st Ed., 48pp. Ilfracombe: Arthur H. Stockwell. VG in plain dw. nd [c.1940].  #58864
[HLMainPic] Interesting personal account of the campaign in France & Belgium during the fortnight leading up to, & the evacuation from, the Dunkirk beaches by a member of the Signal Platoon of an unidentified infantry battalion. Orig. red paper covd. boards, VG in plain white paper dw. See illustration on our website.   £20
ASTON (W.H., MM) Nor Iron Bars A Cage: The Adventures of three British Prisoners of War 1940-1942. With Intro. by Capt. G.F. Collie, MBE, 51st Highland Division. 1st Ed., vii+218pp., ep maps. VG in dw. Macmillan. 1946  #58863
[HLMainPic] Author was serving with Engineer Stores Base Depot at Rennes; severely wounded by a German bomb in June 1940, he lost a leg but met up with several other PoW, escaped from hospital & remarkably crossed France via a circuitous route, evading capture & tramping some 700 miles, until they reached the safety of Spain, via Andorra. Nice copy & scarce, especially in dw. See illustration on our website.   £35
HINGSTON (Lt.-Col. W.) History of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Vol. V: 1919-1942. 1st Ed., orig. printed wraps., xvi+243pp., 26 illus., 9 maps. No imprint, printed by Lund Humphries. 1950  #58862
[HLMainPic] This vol. contains 1st & 2nd Bns. in the Inter-War years inc. Iraq 1920, NWF &c, 1st & 1/4th Bns. in Norway 1940, 2/4th with BEF & detailed account of the 2nd Bn. in the Retreat from Burma. Orig. printed warps., VG. See illustration on our website.   £25
BEAN (C.E.W.) et al. Official History of Australia in the War: Complete Set of 12 Vols., The Story of Anzac, 2 Vols., From the Outbreak of War to the end of the First Phase of the Gallipoli Campaign, May 4, 1915; From 4 May, 1915, to the Evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula; The A.I.F. in France, 4 Vols., 1916; 1917; December 1917-May 1918 & During the Allied Offensive 1918; Sinai & Palestine; The Australian Air Force; The Royal Australian Navy; The Australians at Rabaul; Australia During the War; Photographic Record of the War: Reproductions of Pictures Taken by the Australian Official Photographers. Mixed early Eds., over 7000pp. in all, hundreds of maps, num. photos. in text vols. + 753 photos. in the final volume. Sydney: Angus & Robertson. 1930  #58857
Complete set of 12 vols. in orig. maroon cloth gilt, exceptionaly nice set throughout. Falls awarded two stars in "War Books," noting: "Criticism is permitted & is often strong, especially, let it be hinted, where 'Imperial' commanders & troops are concerned. This gives a certain pungency to the narratives, which is accentuated by the vivid style of the narrators... a serious & painstaking military record... Mr Bean has the valuable gift of bringing clarity to the most complicated fighting." Fine illustrations & many maps. See illustration on our website.   £650

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