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Tank Battles of World War I.
COOPER (Bryan)
Tank Warfare: The Story of the Tanks in the Great War.
MITCHELL (Lt. Frank, MC)
Tanks 1914-1918: The Log-Book of a Pioneer.
STERN (Lt.-Col. Sir Albert G., KBE, CMG)
Te Mura O Te Ahi: The Story of the Maori Battalion.
Team Spirit: The Administration of the 53rd Welsh Division during "Operation Overlord" June 1944-May 1945.
Templar's Union In Memoriam.
Temporary Heroes.
SOMMERS (Cecil) [Pseud. of DOWNS (N.C.S.)]
Terriers in the Trenches: The Post Office Rifles at War 1914-1918.
Territorial Army Officers Conditions of Service 1933 [Bound with:] Supplementary Reserve of Officers Conditions of Service 1935.
The "Graphic" Souvenir of the German Navy's Surrender November 1918.
The "Last Post" Being a Roll of All Officers... Who Gave Their Lives for Their Queen, King & Country in the South African War, 1899-1902.
The 1/4th (Hallamshire) Battn., York & Lancaster Regiment, 1914-1919.
GRANT (Capt. D.P., MC)
The 10th (Irish) Division in Gallipoli.
COOPER (Major Bryan)
The 10th (P.W.O.) Royal Hussars & the Essex Yeomanry during the European War, 1914-1918.
The 116th Battalion [Canadian Expeditionary Force] in France.
The 11th Battalion Gordon Highlanders 1914-1916.
The 12th Royal Lancers in France August 17th, 1914-November 11th, 1918.
The 177th Brigade 1914-1918.
JAMIE (Lt.-Col. J.P.W., MC)
The 17th (S) Bn. Royal Fusiliers 1914-1919.
WYRALL (Everard)
The 23rd (Service) Bn. Royal Fusiliers (First Sportsman's): A Record of its Services in the Great War, 1914-1919.
WARD (Capt. F.W.)
The 23rd Division 1914-1919.
The 23rd London Regiment 1798-1919.
The 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment (99th) A Record of their Fighting in the Great War, 1914-18.
The 2nd Bucks Battalion Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 1914-1918.
SWANN (Maj.-Gen. J.C., CB)
The 2nd City of London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) in the Great War 1914-19.
GREY (Major W.E.)
The 2nd Rhodesia Regiment in East Africa.
CAPELL (Lt.-Col. A.E., DSO)
The 3rd (King's Own) Hussars in the Great War 1914-19.
WILLCOX (Lieut.-Col. W.T.)
The 42nd (East Lancashire) Division 1914-1918.
The 4th (Denbighshire) Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers in the Great War.
ELLIS (Capt., C., formerly Adjutant)
The 51st (Highland) Division: War Sketches.
The 56th Division (1st London Territorial Division).
WARD (Major C.H. Dudley)
The 56th Division (1st London Territorial Division).
WARD (Major C.H. Dudley)
The 5th North Staffords & North Midland Territorials (The 46th & 59th Divisions) 1914-1919.
MEAKIN (Lt. Walter)
The 5th Regiment Royal Scots of Canada Highlanders: A Regimental History.
The 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars.
The 7th Division 1914-1918.
The 7th Division 1914-1918.
The 7th Field Artillery Brigade Yandoo. Containing publications of the organ of the 7th Field Artillery Brigade, Australian Imperial Forces...
The 85th King's Light Infantry (Now 2nd Bn. he King's Shropshire Light Infantry).
The Administration of The East India Company; A History of Indian Progress.
KAYE (John William)
The Advance of Our West African Empire.
WALLIS (C. Braithwaite, FGS, FRGS, of the Cameronians, late Acting District Commissioner, Sierra Leone Protectorate)
The Aftermath of Battle: With the Red Cross in France.
The Air Force List Spring 1972.
The Air Force List Spring 1973.
The Air Force List: January, 1932.
The Air Force List: January, 1937.
The Air Force List: June 1939.
The American Naval Planning Section London.
KNOX (Capt. D.W., USN) et al.
The Ancient Greeks at War.
The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps.
BUTLER (Lt.-Col. Lewis)
The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps.
HARE (Maj.-Gen. Sir Steuart, KCMG, CB)
The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps.
BUTLER (Lt.-Col. Lewis)
The Armies of India.
MACMUNN (Lt.-Gen. Sir G.)
The Army Gradation List, February 1967.
The Army in My Time.
FULLER (Maj.-Gen. J.F.C.)
The Army in the Air: The History of the Army Air Corps.
The Army in Victorian Society.
The Army List 1977 Part III: Biographical.
The Army List 1977 Part III: Biographical.
The Army Review. Published under the direction of the Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Vol. III: July-October 1912.
The Assault on Rabaul: Operations by the New Zealand Air Force December 1943-May 1944.
The Australian Army Medical Services in the War of 1914-1918. Vol. I: The Gallipoli Campaign; The Campaign in Sinai & Palestine; The Occupation of German New Guinea.
BUTLER (Col. A.G., DSO, VD) et al.
The Australian Imperial Force in France 1916.
The Australian Imperial Force in France during the Main German Offensive, 1918.
The Australian Imperial Force in France May 1918 to the Armistice.
The Australian Imperial Force in France May 1918 to the Armistice.
The Australian Imperial Force in Sinai & Palestine 1914-1918.
The Australian Victories in France in 1918.
MONASH (Gen. Sir John)
The Australians: Their Final Campaign, 1918, An Account of the Concluding Operations of the Australian Divisions in France.
The Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis, A Balaclava Nurse, Daughter of Dafydd Cadwaladyr.
The Autobiography of Lt.-Gen. Sir Harry Smith 1897-1819.
MOORE SMITH (G.C.) Ed. & Comp.
The Autobiography of Lt.-Gen. Sir Harry Smith GCB.
MOORE SMITH (G.C.) Ed. & Comp.
The Autobiography of...
CREAGH (Gen. Sir O'Moore, VC, GCB, GCSI)
The Autobiography or Early Life & Conversion or Call by Grace of A Soldier in India, Of H.M's 52nd Regiment, Light Infantry, With Subsequent Experiences; Together with His Call to the Ministry. In Two Parts. Part I.
WITTS (Thomas)
The Auxiliary Patrol.
The Battle at Sangshak: Burma, March 1944.
SEAMAN (Harry)
The Battle Book of Ypres.
BRICE (Beatrix)
The Battle for Germany.
The Battle for the Mediterranean.
The Battle of Arnhem.
HIBBERT (Christopher)
The Battle of Mukden, With Eight Maps & Two Appendices (A Supplement to the 'Militar Wochenblatt').
VON DONAT (Karl) Trans.
The Battle of the Atlantic.
The Battle of the Bight: Being the Official Narrative of the Naval Engagement between the British & German Fleets in the Heligoland Bight on Friday, August 28th, 1914, with Drawings by Frank Mason & Arthur Briscoe, & Rudyard Kipling's Poem 'The Destroyers.'
The Battle of the Somme 1916, Memories, Souvenir & Roll of Honour.
BORLAND (William J.) Ed.
The Battle of the Somme.
The Battle on the Scha Ho, With Nine Maps & Three Appendices (A Supplement to the 'Militar Wochenblatt') August, 1906.
VON DONAT (Karl) Trans.
The Bedfordshire Yeomanry in the Great War.
The Bengal Obituary or, A Record to Perpetuate the Memory of Departed Worth: A Compilation of Tablets & Monumental Inscriptions from Various Parts of the Bengal & Agra Presidencies; to which is added Biographical Sketches & Memoirs of such as have Pre-eminently Distinguished Themselves in the History of British India since the Formation of the European Settlement to the Present Time.
The Big Blockade.
The Big Fight (Gallipoli to the Somme).
FALLON (Capt. D., MC)
The Blazing Trail of Flanders.
The Blocking of Zeebrugge.
The Bloody Eleventh: History of the Devonshire Regiment. 3 Vols., 1685-1815, 1815-1914, 1914-1969.
The Boer War.
The Bombay Army List & The Bombay Civil List, Including the Ecclesiastical Establishment. 1st January 1875.
The Bombay Artillery: List of Officers who have served in the Regiment of Bombay Artillery from its Formation in 1749 to Amalgamation with the RA...
SPRING (Col. F.W.M.) Comp.
The Book of Remembrance & War Record of Mill Hill School 1939-1945.
The Border Regiment in the Great War.
WYLLY (Col. H.C., CB)
The Bridge to France.
HURLEY (Edward N.)
The Brigade of Guards on Ceremonial Occasions.
LEGGE-BOURKE ([Major] Henry)
The Brigade of Gurkhas at the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
The British Army & the Continent 1904-1914.
The British Army in Italy 1917-18.
WILKS (John & Eileen)
The British General Staff: Reform & Innovation, 1890-1939.
FRENCH (David) & HOLDEN REID (Brian) Eds.
The British Merchant Service: Being a History of the British Mercantile Marine From the Earliest Times to the Present Day.
The Bromley Home Guard: A History of the 51st Kent Battalion.
The C.A.M.C. With the Canadian Corps During the Last Hundred Days of the Great War.
The Cambridge History of India. Vol. V: British India 1497-1858.
DODWELL (Prof. H.H., MA) Ed.
The Campaign in Gallipoli.
The Campaign in Italy.
The Campaign in Norway.
The Campaign of 1815 Chiefly in Flanders.
JAMES (Lt.-Col. W.H., RE [Retd.])
The Campaign of 1866 in Germany Compiled by the Department of History of the Prussian Staff.
WRIGHT (Col. von) & HOZIER (Capt. H.M.) [Translated by]
The Campaign of the Marne 1914.
TYNG (Sewell)
The Campaign of Trafalgar.
CORBETT (Julian S.)
The Campaigns & History of the Royal Irish Regiment from 1684 to 1902.
GRETTON (Lt.-Col. G. Le M.)
The Canadian Army at War. No 1: The Canadians in Britain 1939-1944; No. 2: From Pachino to Ortona: The Canadian Campaign in Italy, 1943; No. 3: Canada's Battle in Normandy.
The Canadian Front in France & Flanders.
The Cauldron Boils.
The Cavalry Went Through.
NEWMAN (Bernard)
The Cavalry Went Through.
NEWMAN (Bernard)
The Cheshire Regiment: The First Battalion at Mons & the Miniature Colour.
The Chester Volunteers with special reference to "A" Company 3rd Volunteer Battalion the Cheshire Regiment (1914-1920).
The Chronicle of Pte. Henry Metcalfe HM 32nd Regt. of Foot.
TUKER (Lt.-Gen. Sir F.) Ed.
The Cockpit of Europe: A Guide to the Battlefields of Belgium & France.
GREEN (Lt.-Col. H., MC)
The Coldstream Guards 1914-1918. Vol. II.
The Colonial Office List for 1898: Comprising Historical & Statistical Information Respecting the Colonial Dependencies of Great Britain, an Account of the Services of the Officers of the Several Colonial Governments, Transcript of the Colonial Regulations, & Other Information, with Maps.
The Commonwealth Army: Shall it be Based on Conscription or Voluntary Service? A Series of Articles by the Military Representative of the Sydney Daily Telegraph upon the Proposed Creation of A National Army for Australia by the Introduction of Compulsory Military Training.
The Conduct of War: A Short Treatise on its Most Important Branches & Guiding Rules.
VON DER GOLTZ (Baron Colmar, Lt.-Gen., German Army)
The Confessions of a Private.
GRAY (Frank)
The Connaught Rangers.
JOURDAIN (Lt.-Col. H.F.N., CMG) & FRASER (Edward)
The Correspondence of Lieutenant-General [Robert] Campbell of Kintarbert, 1762-1837.
CAMPBELL (Sheriff J. MacMaster, CBE, FSA [Scot.])
The Crimea in 1854, & 1894.
WOOD (Gen. Sir Evelyn, VC, GCB, GCMG)
The Crimea in 1854, & 1894.
WOOD (Gen. Sir Evelyn, VC, GCB, GCMG)
The Crisis. Answer to the Call NOW!
1915 Recruiting Poster:
The Crown of Honour: Being Stories of Heroism, Gallantry, Magnanimity, & Devotion From the Great War of 1914-18.
MOODIE (William) Ed.
The Cruise of the Raider 'Wolf.'
The Cruise of the Raider 'Wolf.'
The Cruise of the Raider 'Wolf.'
The Dardanelles Campaign, 1915: Historiography & Annotated Bibliography.
HARTESVELDT (Fred. R. van) Comp.
The Dardanelles Campaign.
The Dardanelles.
CALLWELL (Maj.-Gen. Sir C.E.)
The Day We Almost Bombed Moscow: The Allied War in Russia 1918-1920.
The Decisive Battles of Modern Times.
WHITTON (Lt.-Col. Col. F.E., CMG)
The Defeat of Austria as Seen by the 7th Division: Being a Narrative of the Fortunes of the 7th Division from the time it left the Asiago Plateau in August 1918 till the Conclusion of the Armistice with Austria on November 4, 1918.
The Defeat of Imperial Germany 1917-1918.
The Defence of Cawnpore, By the Troops under the Orders of Major General Charles A. Windham, C.B., in Nov. 1857.
ADYE (Lt.-Col. John, CB, RA)
The Defence of the United Kingdom.
The Defense of Berlin.
SMITH (Jean Edward)
The Desert Campaigns.
The Desert Mounted Corps: An Account of the Cavalry Operations in Palestine & Syria 1917-1918.
The Despatches & Correspondence of the Marquess Wellesley, K.G., During His Lordship's Mission to Spain as Ambassador Extraordinary to the Supreme Junta in 1809.
MARTIN (Montgomery) Ed.
The Devons: A History of the Devonshire Regiment 1685-1945.
The Devonshire Regiment 1914-1918.
The Diary & Despatches of a Military Attach‚ in Warsaw 1938-1939.
SWORD (Edward Roland)
The Diary of a Cavalry Officer in the Peninsula War & Waterloo Campaign 1809-1815.
TOMKINSON (Lt.-Col. Wm.)
The Diary of the Hon. E.H. Lygon, Lieut. & Adjt., 3rd Batt. Grenadier Guards. Oct. 26th 1899 to March 21st 1900.
The Diary of the Hon. E.H. Lygon, Lieut. & Adjt., 3rd Batt. Grenadier Guards. Oct. 26th 1899 to March 21st 1900.
The Diary of the Hon. E.H. Lygon, Lieut. & Adjt., 3rd Batt. Grenadier Guards. Oct. 26th 1899 to March 21st 1900.
The Direction of War: A Study & Illustration of Strategy.
BIRD (Maj.-Gen. Sir W.D.)
The Doings of the Fifteenth Infantry Brigade, August 1914 to March 1915.
GLEICHEN (Brig.-Gen. Count Edward)
The Dorsetshire Regiment, 39th & 54th Foot & the Dorset Militia & Volunteers.
The Dragon's Teeth: A Study of War & Peace.
FULLER (Maj.-Gen. J.F.C., CB, CBE, DSO)
The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry: Regimental Standing Orders 1936.
The Dukes: The Story of the Men Who Have Served in Peace & War with the British Columbia Regiment (D.C.O.) 1883-1973.
HARKER (Douglas E.)
The Durban Light Infantry. Vol. I: 1854 to 1934.
MARTIN (Lt.-Col. A.C., MC, VD)
The Durham Forces in the Field 1914-18. Vol. II: The Service Battalions of the Durham Light Infantry.
MILES (Capt. Wilfred)
The Durham Forces in the Field 1914-18. Vol. II: The Service Battalions of the Durham Light Infantry.
MILES (Capt. Wilfred)
The Durham Light Infantry.
VANE (Col. Hon. W.L.)
The East African Force 1915-1919: An Unofficial Record of its Creation & Fighting Career; Together with Some Account of the Civil & Military Administrative Conditions in East Africa Before & During That Period.
FENDALL (Brig.-Gen. C.P., CB, CMG, DSO)
The East India Company & Army Reform 1783-1798.
The East India House: Its History & Associations.
FOSTER (William, CIE)
The East India Military Calendar; Containing the Services of Gneral & Field Officers of the Indian Army.
The East India Register & Army List, for [January] 1851.
The East India Register & Army List, for [May] 1845.
The Escape of a Princess Pat: Being the full Account of the Capture & Fifteen Months Imprisonment of Corporal Edwards, of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, & His Final Escape from Germany into Holland.
PEARSON (George Eustace)
The Experiences of a Hut Leader at the Front.
HENDERSON (Rev. George, B.D.)
The Eyes of the Desert Rats: British Long-Range Reconnaissance Operations in the North African Desert 1940-43.
SYRETT (David)
The Faithful Sixth: A History of the Sixth Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry.
MOSES (Harry)
The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry & 14th (F. & F. Yeo.) Bn. Royal Highlanders 1914-1919.
OGILVIE (Major D.D.)
The Fifes in South Africa: Being a History of the Fife & Forfar Yeomanry in the South African War, 1900-1901.
[STURROCK (Trooper J.P.)]
The Fifteenth (Scottish) Division 1914-1919.
STEWART (Lt.-Col. J., DSO) & BUCHAN (John)
The Fifty-First in France.
ROSS (Capt. Robert B.)
The Fight for Gallipoli.
KEYES (Adml. of the Fleet Sir Roger)
The Fighting 10th: Souvenir of the 10th Battalion, A.I.F., 1914-1918.
The Fighting Cock: Being the History of the 23rd Indian Division 1942-1947.
DOULTON (Lt.-Col. A.J.F., OBE)
The Fighting Cock: Being the History of the 23rd Indian Division 1942-1947.
DOULTON (Lt.-Col. A.J.F., OBE)
The Fighting Tanks since 1916.
JONES (Major Ralph E.), RAREY (Capt. George H.) & ICKS (Lt. Robert J.)
The Fleet Annual & Naval Year Book 1917.
YEXLEY (L.) Comp.
The Fleets Behind the Fleet: The Work of the Merchant Seamen & Fishermen in the War.
DIXON (W. Macneile)
The Flying Bomb.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis).
IBANEZ (Vincente Blasco)
The Four Horsemen Ride.
TROOPER [Pseud. of HALL (H.L.)]
The Fourth Bn. The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) & the Great War: Early Days.
WADHAM (Lt.-Col. W.F.A.)
The Fourth Indian Division 1939-1945.
STEVENS (Lt.-Col. G.R., OBE)
The Franco-Prussian War: Its Causes, Incidents & Consequences.
HOZIER (Capt. H.M.) Ed.
The French & The Dardanelles: A Study of Failure in the Conduct of War.
The French Army before Napoleon.
The French Army, A Military-Political History.
GORCE (Paul-Marie de la)
The Frontier Scouts.
The Further Side of No-Man's Land.
The Gallant Company: An Australian Soldier's Story of 1915-18.
The Gallant Company: An Australian Soldier's Story of 1915-18.
The Gallipoli Campaign: An Outline of the Military Operations.
The Gambardier: Giving Some Account of Heavy & Siege Artillery in France 1914-1918.
MARK SEVERN [Pseud of LUSHINGTON (Major Franklin)]
The Gates of India: Being An Historical Narrative.
HOLDICH (Col. Sir Thomas, KCMG, KCIE, CB)
The General Staff & Its Problems: The History of the Relations between the High Command & the German Imperial Government.
The German Air Raids on Great Britain 1914-1918.
MORRIS (Capt. J., late RAF)
The German Army in Pictures.
The German General Staff: Its History & Structure 1657-1945.
GORLITZ (Walter)
The German Raid on Scarborough, December 16th, 1914.
The Germn Offensives of 1918: The Last Desperate Gamble.
The Gloucestershire Regiment in the War, 1914-1918: The Records of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd (SR) & 4th, 5th, 6th (First-Line TA) Battalions.
WYRALL (Everard)
The Gold Coast Regiment in the East African Campaign.
The Good Old Days of Honorable John Company, Being Curious Reminiscences illustrating Manners & Customs of the British in India During the rule of the East India Company from 1600-1858. With Brief Notices of Places & People of Those Times &c., &c., &c.
The Gordon Creeds in Afghanistan, 1839 & 1878-79.
The Gordon Highlanders in the First World War 1914-1918.
FALLS (Cyril)
The Government of India: Being a Digest of the Statute Law Relating Thereto, with Historical Introduction & Explanatory Matter.
ILBERT (Sir Courtenay, GCB, KCSI)
The Great Delusion: A Study of Aircraft in Peace and War.
NEON [ACWORTH (Marion W.)]
The Great Delusion: A Study of Aircraft in Peace and War.
NEON [Pseud. of ACWORTH (Marion W.)]
The Great Push: An Episode of the Great War.
MACGILL (Patrick)
The Great Siege: The Investment & Fall of Port Arthur.
The Great War "I Was There": Undying Memories of 1914-1918.
HAMMERTON (Sir John) Ed.
The Great War & the British People.
The Great War 1914-18: Incidents, Experiences of a Junior Officer.
GODSON (Edwin A., MC)
The Great War in West Africa.
GORGES (Brig.-Gen. E.H., CB, CBE, DSO)
The Grey Diplomatists.
EDWARDS (Lt. Cdr. Kenneth, RN)
The Gurkhas: Their Manners, Customs & Country.
NORTHEY (Major W. Brook, MC, late 1st KGO GR) & MORRIS (Capt. C.J., 3rd QAO GR)
The Half Yearly Army List of the Half-Year Ending 31st December 1922. Part II: War Services of Officers of the Army.
The Hampshire Tigers: The Story of the Royal Hampshire Regiment 1945-1992.
The Hawke Battalion: Some Personal Records of Four Years, 1914-1918.
JERROLD (Douglas)
The Hind Rajasthan, or The Annals of the Native States of India.
MEHTA (Markand Nandshankar & Manu Nandshankar) Comps.
The Historical Records of the Royal Marines, including The Duke of York & Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot, subsequently styled Prince George of Denmark's Maritime Regiment of Foot. The First & Second Regiments of Marines, afterwards known as Col. Thomas Brudenell's Regiment of Marines...&c. Volume I: 1664-1701.
EDYE (Major L., RMLI) Comp. & Ed.
The History of "A" Battery 84th Army Brigade Royal Field Artillery 1914-1919.
GRANT (D.F., MC, late Major, RFA)
The History of the 1/4th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment 1914-1919.
BALES (Capt. P.G., MC, Formerly Adjutant)
The History of the 11th (Lewisham) Battalion The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment.
RUSSELL (Capt. R.O., MC)
The History of the 15th The King's Hussars 1914-22.
The History of the 20th (Light) Division.
The History of the 4th Battalion Norfolk Regiment (Late East Norfolk Militia).
HARVEY (Col. Sir Charles, Bart.) Comp.
The History of the 4th Worcestershire (Evesham) Battalion Home Guard. [Parts I & II:] May, 1940 to January 1st, 1943 [and] January 1st, 1943, to December 31st, 1944.
The History of the 62nd (West Riding) Division 1914-1919.
WYRALL (Everard)
The History of the 7th Bn. Middlesex Regiment.
KING (Col. E.J.)
The History of the Battles & Adventures of the British, the Boers & the Zulus &c., in Southern Africa from the Time of Pharaoh Necho, to 1880.
The History of the Corps of Royal Military Police.
The History of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery 1625-1897.
MACDONALD (Capt. R.J., RA) Comp. & Illus.
The History of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1914-1919.
WYRALL (Everard)
The History of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1939-1945.
GODFREY (Maj. E.G., MC) & GOLDSMITH (Maj.-Gen. R.F.K.)
The History of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment 1919-1952.
The History of the Fifteenth (Scottish) Division 1939-1945.
MARTIN (Lt.-Gen. H.G., CB, DSO, OBE)
The History of the Fiftieth Division 1914-1919.
WYRALL (Everard)
The History of the First London (City of London) Sanitary Company R.A.M.C. (T.)., With a Record of its Activities in the Great War 1914-1919.
The History of the First Seven Battalions of the Royal Irish Rifles in the Great War.
FALLS (Cyril, formerly Capt.)
The History of the Indian Mountain Artillery.
GRAHAM (Brig.-Gen. C.A.L.)
The History of the King's Liverpool Regiment. Vol. I: 1914-1915; Vol. II: 1916-1917; Vol. III: 1917-1919.
WYRALL (Everard)
The History of the King's Shropshire Light Infantry in the Great War 1914-1918.
WOOD (Major W. de B.)
The History of the Lincolnshire Regiment 1914-1918: Compiled from War Diaries, Despatches, Officers' Notes & Other Sources.
SIMPSON (Maj.-Gen. C.R.) Ed.
The History of the Norfolk Regiment 1685-1918.
PETRE (F. Loraine, OBE)
The History of the Rifle Brigade in the War of 1914-1918.
BERKELEY (Capt. R., MC) & SEYMOUR (Brig. W.W.)
The History of the Royal Artillery (Crimean Period).
The History of the Royal Artillery from the Indian Mutiny to the Great War.
CALLWELL (Maj.-Gen. Sir C.) & HEADLAM (Maj.-Gen. Sir J.)
The History of the Royal Malta Artillery Vol. I (1800-1939).
The History of the Royal West African Frontier Force.
The History of the Scots Guards: From the Creation of the Regiment to the Eve of the Great War.
MAURICE (Maj.-Gen. Sir Frederick, KCMG)
The History of the Second Division 1914-1918.
WYRALL (Everard)
The History of the Second Dragoons "Royal Scots Greys."
ALMACK (Edward)
The History of the Somerset Light Infantry 1685-1914.
EVERETT (Maj.-Gen. Sir H.)
The History of the South African Forces in France.
The History of the Suffolk Regiment 1946-1959.
GODFREY (Major F.A., MC)
The History of the Tottington Home Guard: "C" Company, 21st County of Lancaster (Bury) Bn., Home Guard.
The History of the Transvaal Horse Artillery 1904-1974.
The History of the VIII King's Royal Irish Hussars 1693-1927.
MURRAY (Rev. Robert H.)
The History of the Welch Regiment.
WHITEHORNE (Major A.C., OBE) & MARDON (Maj.-Gen. T.O., KBE, CB, CMG)
The History of the Yarmouth Battery 1569-1926.
CASTLE (Major M.A.)
The Home Guard: A Military & Political History.
The House of Angelo: A Dynasty of Swordsmen.
The Illustrated History of the War Against Russia.
The Imjin Roll.
The India List & India Office List 1897.
The India List, Civil & Military, January 1880.
The India List, Civil & Military, January 1886.
The India List, Civil & Military, January 1887.
The India List, Civil & Military, July 1883.
The Indian 'Mutiny' 1857-58. A Guide to Source Material in the India Office Library & Records.
SETON (Rosemary)
The Indian Army & Civil Service List, January, 1876.
The Indian Army & The King's Enemies 1900-1947.
The Indian Army: Its Contribution to the Development of a Nation.
COHEN (Stephen P.)
The Indian Army: The Garrison of British Imperial India 1822-1922.
The Indian Empire: Its History, People & Products.
The Indian Engineers 1939-1947.
SANDES (Lt.-Col. E.W.C., DSO, MC)
The Indian Frontier War: Being an Account of the Mohmund & Tirah Expeditions 1897.
JAMES ([Col.] Lionel [CBE, DSO])
The Indian Mutiny of 1857: A Sketch of the Principal Military Events.
The Indian State Forces.
JAIPUR (H.H. The Maharaja of)
The Inniskilling Dragoons: The Records of an Old Heavy Cavalry Regiment.
JACKSON (Major E.S.)
The Irish Canadian Rangers.
The Iron & Steel Industry of the United Kingdom Under War Conditions: A Record of the Work of the Iron & Steel Production Department of the Ministry of Munitions.
HATCH (F.H., Ph.D.)
The Iron Duke: The Regimental Magazine of The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding). Vol. XI, Nos. 30, 31, 32. [Feb., June & October 1935].
The Isle of Man Constabulary: An Account of its Origin & Growth.
The Jameson Raid.
POEL (Jean van der)
The Journal of Private Fraser 1914-1918 Canadian Expeditionary Force.
ROY (R.H.) Ed.
The Journal of the United Service Insitution of India. Vol.l LXVIII, No. 292, July 1938; Vol. LXIX, No. 296, July 1939; Vol. LXX Nos. 299 & 300, April & July 1940; Vol. LXXI Nos. 302, 303, 304 & 305, Jan., April, July & October 1941.
The K Boats: A Dramatic First Report on the Navy's Most Calamitous Submarines.
The Kaffir Wars 1779-1877.
The Kensington Battalion, "Never Lost a Yard of Trench."
The Kimberley Flying Column: Being Reminiscences of Service in the South African War of 1899-1903.
PERHAM (Trooper Frank)
The King's Own Scottish Borderers in the Great War.
GILLON (Capt. S.)
The King's Own T.F. Being a Record of the 1/5th Bn. The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) in the European war 1914-1918.
The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in the Great War 1914-1918.
BOND (Lt.-Col. R.C., DSO)
The King's Own: The Story of a Royal Regiment. Vol. III: 1914-1950.
COWPER (Col. J.M.)
The King's Pilgrimage.
The King's Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle 1901-1906.
MENDS (Col. H.R.) et al. Eds.
The Knights of Bushido: A Short History of Japanese War Crimes.
The Last of the Ebb.
The Last of the Ebb.
The Leaguer of Ladysmith.
DIXON (Capt. C.M., 16th Lancers)
The Letters of George S. Gordon 1902-1942.
The Letters of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles … Court Repington CMG, Military Correspondent of the Times, 1903-1918.
The Life & Campaigns of Hugh, First Viscount Gough, Field Marshal.
The Life & Diary of Lieut. Col. J. Blackader, Of The Cameronian Regiment, & Deputy Governor of Stirling Castle; Who Served with Distinguished Honour in the wars under King William & the Duke of Marlborough, & Afterwards in the Rebellion of 1715 in Scotland.
The Life & Times of General Sir James Browne, RE, KCB, KCSI ("Buster Browne").
INNES (Lt.-Gen. J.J. McLeod, RE, VC)
The Life of a Boy: Daniel Meinertzhagen 1925-1944.
The Life of a Regiment: The History of the Gordon Highlanders: Vol.II, 1816-1898 (including an Account of the 75th Regt. from 1787-1881).
GARDYNE (Lt.-Col. C. Greenhill)
The Life of Charles, Lord Metcalfe.
The Life of General Dyer.
The Life of General Sir Charles Carmichael Monro, Bart., GCB, GCSI, GCMG.
BARROW (Gen. Sir George, GCB, KCMG)
The Life of General, The Right Honourable Sir David Baird, Bart., G.C.B., H.C. &c.
[HOOK (Theodore)]
The Life of Lord Fisher of Kilverstone, Admiral of the Fleet, OM, GCB, GCVO, LLD.
BACON (Adml. Sir R.H.)
The Life of Lord Roberts, KG, VC.
FORREST (Sir George, CIE)
The Life of Lord Wolseley.
MAURICE (Maj.-Gen. Sir F.) & ARTHUR (Sir George)
The Life of Major-General Sir Thomas Munro, Bart. & K.C.B., Later Governor of Madras. With Extracts from his Correspondence & Private Papers.
GLEIG (Rev. G.R., MA)
The Life of Richard Earl Howe, K.G., Admiral of the Fleet, & General of Marines.
BARROW (Sir John, Bart., FRS)
The Life of Richard Earl Howe, K.G., Admiral of the Fleet, & General of Marines.
BARROW (Sir John, Bart., FRS)
The Life of Sir John French, First Earl of Ypres.
FRENCH (Major Hon. G., DSO)
The Life of Sir John French, First Earl of Ypres.
FRENCH (Major Hon. G., DSO)
The Light of Experience: A Review of Some Men & Events of My Time.
YOUNGHUSBAND ([Lt.-Col.] Sir Francis, KCSI, KCIE)
The Lighter Side of the War: Experiences of a Civilian in Uniform.
ALPORT (Major A. Cecil, RAMC TF)
The Lighter Side of the War: Experiences of a Civilian in Uniform.
ALPORT (Major A. Cecil, RAMC TF)
The Lines of Torres Vedras: The First Three Lines & Fortifications South of the Tagus.
The Little Field Marshal: Sir John French.
HOLMES (Richard)
The Liverpool Scottish 1900-1919.
The Living, And the Living Dead, By An Old Soldier: Ruminations, Whims, Fancies, Jokes & Philosophies with A Batch of War Experiences Thrown in After 1914-1918.
The Log of a Naval Airman: Being the Diary & Letters of Sub-Lieutenant (A) David Musk Beattie, R.N.V.R., Observer in the Fleet Air Arm. Killed in air operations against Bismarck, 26th May, 1941.
The London Scottish in the Great War.
LINDSAY (Lt.-Col. J.H.)
The Longest Retreat: The Burma Campaign 1942.
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
WYLLY (Col. H.C.)
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
WYLLY (Col. H.C.)
The Mad Mullah of Somaliland.
JARDINE (Douglas, OBE)
The Man on Horseback: The Role of the Military in Politics.
FINER (Prof. S.E., MA, FRHistS.)
The Man with the Donkey: John Simpson Kilpatrick, the Good Samaritan of Gallipoli.
The March on Paris & The Battle of the Marne 1914.
The March on Paris & The Battle of the Marne 1914.
The Marne Campaign.
The Mediterranean & Middle East. Vol. I: The Early Successes against Italy (to May 1941).
PLAYFAIR (Major-Gen. I.S.O.)
The Mediterranean & Middle East. Vol. II: "The Germans Come to the Help of Their Ally" (1941).
PLAYFAIR (Maj.-Gen. I.S.O.)
The Memoirs of General Wrangel: The Last Commander-in-Chief of The Russian National Army.
WRANGEL (Gen. [Baron Peter])
The Memoirs of Major-General Sir Hugh McCalmont KCB, CVO.
CALLWELL (Maj.-Gen. Sir C.E., KCB)
The Memoirs of the 18th (Queen Mary's Own) Royal Hussars 1906-1922 including Operations in the Great War.
BURNETT (Brig.-Gen. C.)
The Memoirs of the Gemini Generals: Personal Anecdotes. Sporting Adventures, & Sketches of Distinguished Officers.
WILKINSON (Maj.-Gen. O., CB) & WILKINSON (Maj.-Gen. J.)
The Memoirs of...
FOCH (Marshal)
The Men I Killed.
The Meteren Road.
THOMAS (Vernon)
The Military Correspondence of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson 1918-1922.
JEFFERY (Keith) Ed.
The Military Correspondence of Field-Marshal Sir William Robertson, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, December 1915-February 1918.
WOODWARD (David R.) Ed.
The Military Memoirs of Lt.-Gen. Sir Joseph Thackwell, GCB, KH, Colonel, 16th Lancers.
WYLLY (Col. H.C., CB)
The Military Organization of France & Formation of the Army (Compiled under the direction & with the approval of a high French Military Authority) & a Vocabulary of Modern Military Terms.
The Military Roads in Scotland.
TAYLOR (William)
The Minor Horrors of War.
The Minor Horrors of War.
The Mobbs' Own: The 7th Battalion The Northamptonshire Regiment 1914-1918.
The Monthly Army List for October, 1895.
The Monthly Army List January 1932.
The Monthly Army List July 1933.
The Monthly Army List July 1938.
The Monthly Army List, April 1920.
The Monthly Army List, December 1920.
The Monthly Army List, February 1917.
The Monthly Army List, February 1920.
The Monthly Army List, July 1919.
The Monthly Army List, July 1920.
The Monthly Army List, June 1920.
The Monthly Army List, March 1919.
The Monthly Army List, March 1920.
The Monthly Army List, May 1919.
The Monthly Army List, May 1920.
The Monthly Army List, September 1916.
The Monthly Army List, Supplement, List of Officers of the Regular Army &c. Retired from the Active List... Orders of Knighthood, Foreign Orders &c., January 1920.
The Monthly Army List. January, 1939.
The Monthly Army List: February 1938.
The Monthly Army List: June 1917.
The Monthly Navy List for April, 1913. Corrected to 18th March 1913.
The Monthly Navy List for January 1924. Corrected to 18th Dec. 1923.
The Monuments of Southern Rhodesia.
FOTHERGILL (Rowland J.) Ed.
The Motor Bus in War: Being the Impressions of an A.S.C. Officer during Two & a Half Years at the Front.
BEATSON (A.M., Temp. Lt, ASC)
The Mud Larks Again.
GARSTIN (Crosbie)
The Muse in Arms: A Collection of War Poems, for the Most Part Written in the Field of Action, by Seamen, Soldiers & Flying Men Who Are Serving, or Have Served, in the Great War.
OSBORN (E.B.) Ed. & Intro.
The Mutiny Chaplains.
HUGHES (Derrick)
The Natal Campaign.
The Nation in Arms: A Treatise on Modern Military Systems & The Conduct of War.
VON DER GOLTZ (Baron Colmar, Lt.-Gen., German Army)
The National Roll of the Great War. Section VII London.
The National Roll of the Great War. Section XIII: London.
The Naval Defence of India.
The Navy as I Have Known It 1849-1899.
FREMANTLE (Adml. Hon. Sir Edmund, GCB)
The Navy in the Dardanelles Campaign.
The Navy List for December 1918.
The Navy List for January 1915.
The Navy List for January 1919.
The Navy List for June 1911, Corrected to the 18th May 1911.
The Navy List for June 1915.
The Navy List for October 1919.
The New Elizabethans: A First Selection of the Lives of Young Men who have Fallen in the Great War.
The New Regulations for the Bengal Army; According to Minutes of Council & General Orders, Issued in Fort William, During the Months of May & June, MDCCXCVI.
The New Zealand Army, A Bibliography.
The New Zealand Division 1916-1919.
The New Zealand People at War: Politics & External Affairs.
The New Zealand People at War: The Home Front.
TAYLOR (Nancy M.)
The New Zealand People at War: War Economy.
The New Zealanders at Gallipoli.
WAITE (Major Fred)
The New Zealanders in Sinai & Palestine.
POWLES (Lt.-Col. G., CMG, DSO)
The New Zealanders in South Africa 1899-1902.
The Ninth Queen's Royal Lancers 1936-1945: The Story of an Armoured Regiment in Battle.
The North-West Frontier of West Pakistan: A Study in Regional Geography.
The Note-book of a Lieutenant in the Italian Campaign: Robert Dalzell Dillon Thomas, Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards.
The Official [Quarterly] Army List for the Quarter Ending 31st December, 1880. With an Index. War Office, 17th January 1881.
The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force. 3 Vols., Canadian Airmen & The First World War; The Creation of a National Air Force; The Crucible of War, 1939-1945.
WISE (S.F.), DOUGLAS (W.A.B) et al.
The Official Records of the Guards Brigade in South Africa.
The Old Cheltonian South African War Memorials.
The Old Contemptibles: A Photographic History of the British Expeditionary Force Aug.-Dec. 1914.
The Old Sixteenth: Being a Record of the 16th Battalion, A.I.F., During the Great War, 1914-1918.
The Opening of Tibet: An Account of Lhasa & The Country & People of Central Tibet & of the Progress of the Mission Sent There by the English Government in the Year 1903-4.
LANDON (Perceval)
The Orchid House: Splendours & Miseries of the Kingdom of Oudh 1827-1857.
EDWARDES (Michael)
The Origins & Growth of Mau Mau.
The Palestine Campaigns.
The Panmure Papers: Being a Selection from the Correspondence of Fox Maule, Second Baron Panmure...&c.
DOUGLAS (Sir George) & RAMSAY (Sir George Dalhousie) Eds.
The Patriot's Progress: Being the Vicissitudes of Pte. John Bullock.
The Patriot's Progress: Being the Vicissitudes of Pte. John Bullock.
The Personal Diary of Mick Mannock.
The Pictorial Life of Wolfe.
The Piper in Peace and War.
The Pipes of War: A Record of the Achievements of Pipers of Scottish & Overseas Regiments during the War, 1914-18.
SETON (Bt.-Col. Sir Bruce) & GRANT (Pipe-Major John)
The Piquet Commander's Note-Book.
ADDERLEY (Maj. E.W., Adjt., Central London Rangers)
The Plans of War: The General Staff & British Military Strategy c.1900-1916.
GOOCH (John)
The Prime Minister's Pledge To Married Men is now being redeemed by Parliament. But let the young unmarried men themselves redeem that Pledge by joining under the Group System To-day...
1915 Recruiting Poster:
The Prisoners of Mainz.
WAUGH (Alec)
The Private Journal of the Marquess of Hastings, KG, Governor-General & Commander-in-Chief in India.
BUTE (The Marchioness of) Ed.
The Private Papers of Douglas Haig 1914-1918.
HAIG (FM Sir Douglas)
The Proceedings of The Hague Peace Conferences: Translation of the Official Texts. Prepared in the Division of International Law of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Under the Supervision of James Brown Scott, Director. The Conference of 1907: Vol. I, Plenary Meetings of the Conference; Vol. II, Meetings of the First Commission; Vol. III, Meetings of the Second, Third & Fourth Commissions [And:] The Conferences of 1899 & 1907: Index Volume.
The Proud Trooper: The History of the Ayrshire (Earl of Carrick's Own) Yeomanry.
BROWNLIE (Maj. W. Steel, MC, TD)
The Quarterly Army List December 1946, Corrected Generally to 8th October 1946.
The Quarterly Army List January 1944. Vol. I.
The Quarterly Army List January 1946. Parts I & II.
The Quarterly Army List of Her Majesty's British and Indian Forces on the Madras Establishment, 11th January 1875, Corrected to 11th January 1875.
The Quarterly Army List, Of Her Majesty's British & Indian Forces on the Madras Establishment, Corrected to 31st December, 1878.
The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. A History of a Splendid Regiment's Origin, Development & Services, Including A Story of Patriotic Duties Well Performed in Three Campaigns.
The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry 1848-1948.
The R.C.A.F. Overseas: The Fifth Year.
The RAF & the Far East War 1941-1945.
WOOD (D.) Ed.
The Rajputana Rifles Brief History.
DAS (Maj. Gen. Chand N., OBE)
The Real Front.
CHUTE (Arthur Hunt, late 1st Canadian Div.)
The Real India.
The Record of the Mounted Infantry of the City Imperial Volunteers.
SCOTT (Guy H. Guillum, late Farrier Sgt.) & MCDONELL (Geoffrey L., late Col. Sgt.) Eds.
The Records of the Dorset Yeomanry (Queen's Own) 1914-1919.
THOMPSON (Maj.-Gen. C.W., CB, DSO)
The Records of the Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Staffordshire Yeomanry.
WEBSTER (P.C.G., Adjt., late Capt., 8th Hussars) Comp.
The Red & White Diamond: Authorised History of the Twenty-fourth Battalion A.I.F.
HARVEY (Sgt. W.J., MM)
The Red Battle Flyer.
VON RICHTHOFEN (Capt. Manfred Freiherr)
The Red Duster: A History of the Merchant Navy During the Second World War.
The Red Knight of Germany: Baron von Richthofen, Germany's Great War Airman.
The Red Lanyard: Journal of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment. Vol. 2 No. 7, August 1946.
The Regimental Roll of Honour & War Record of the Artist's Rifles (1/28th, 2/28th & 3/28th Bns. The London Regt. TF), Commissions, Appointments & Rewards for Service in the Field obtained by Members of the Corps since 4th August 1914.
The Relief of Chitral.
The Return of the Soldier: A Play in Three Acts.
The Ricardo Tank Engine.
The Riddle of Jutland: An Authentic History.
GIBSON (Langhorne) & HARPER (Vice-dml. J.E.T., RN)
The Rifle Volunteers: The History of the Rifle Volunteers 1859-1908.
The Rise & Fall of Krugerism: A Personal Record of Forty Years in South Africa.
The Road to Kabul: The Second Afghan War, 1878-1881.
ROBSON (Brian)
The Road to the Somme: Men of the Ulster Division Tell Their Story.
ORR (Philip)
The Roll of Honour: A Biographical Record of Members of His Majesty's Naval & Military Forces who Fell in the Great War 1914-1918.
DE RUVIGNY (Marquis)
The Romance of Soldiering & Sport.
WILLCOCKS (Gen. Sir James, GCB)
The Romance of the Red Triangle: The Story of the Coming of the Red Triangle & the Service Rendered by the Y.M.C.A. to the Sailors & Soldiers of the British Empire.
YAPP (Sir Arthur K., KBE)
The Royal Army Chaplains' Department 1796-1953: Clergy Under Fire.
SNAPE (Michael)
The Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1933.
The Royal Company of Archers 1676-1951.
HAY (Ian) [Pseud. of BEITH (Maj.-Gen. J.H., CBE, MC)
The Royal Corps of Signals: A History of its Antecedents & Development (circa 1800-1955).
NALDER (Maj.-Gen. R.F.H., CB, OBE)
The Royal Engineers in Egypt & The Sudan.
SANDES (Lt.-Col. E.W.C.)
The Royal Flying Corps in the War
WING ADJUTANT [Pseud. of BLAKE (Major Wilfred T., RAF)
The Royal Manx Fencibles.
The Royal Marine Artillery 1804-1923.
The Royal Monmouthshire Militia: Being a Detailed Description of the Regiment From the Year 1600 to the Time of its Transfer to the Special Reserve.
The Royal Naval Division.
JERROLD (Douglas)
The Royal Navy & The Slave Trade.
HOWELL (Raymond C.)
The Royal New Zealand Air Force in South-East Asia 1941-42.
The Royal Scots 1914-1918.
EWING (Major J., MC)
The Ruhleben Prisoners: The Government Attitude.
The Ruler of Baroda: An Account of the Life & Work of the Maharaja Gaekwar.
SERGEANT (Philip W., BA)
The Russian Campaign of 1914: The Beginning of the War & Operations in East Prussia.
GOLOVINE (Lt.-Gen. Nicholas N.)
The Salient, The Somme, & Arras: Leaves from the Diary of a Bumble Bee, 1915-1917.
[SIMON (Andr‚)]
The Salonika Side-Show.
The Scots Guards 1919-1955.
ERSKINE (Capt. Hon. David) Comp.
The Scots Guards in the Great War 1914-1918.
PETRE (F. Loraine), EWART (Wilfred) & LOWTHER (Maj.-Gen. Sir Cecil)
The Scrap of Paper. Prussia's Perfidy - Britain's Bond... Can Britons Stand By While Germany Crushes An Innocent People? ENLIST TO-DAY.
1914 Recruiting Poster:
The Sea Raiders.
The Sea Raiders.
The Second Afghan War 1878-79-80: Its Causes, its Conduct & its Consequences.
HANNA (Col. H.B., formerly Punjab Frontier Force)
The Second Twentieth: Being the History of the 2/20th Bn. London Regiment.
ELLIOT (Capt. W.R., MC)
The Secrets of a Kuttite: An Authentic Story of Kut, Adventures in Captivity & Stamboul Intrigue.
The Sepoy & the Raj: The Indian Army, 1860-1940.
OMISSI (David)
The Seventeenth Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Bn.) Record of War Service 1914-1918.
The Seventh Battalion A.I.F., Resume of Activities of the Seventh Battalion in the Great War 1914-1918.
DEAN (Arthur) & GUTTERIDGE (Eric W.)
The Sheriffs of Fort William from 1775 to 1926: Their Dealings with some of the Judges of the East India Company; The old Jail at Calcutta; Jurors, Constables, Public Meetings; Early Municipal Elections, Doctors, Attorneys, Merchants, Barristers & other matters relating to the city of Calcutta during the past century.
MOORE (Charles)
The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry in the Great War 1914-1918.
The Silent General: Horne of the First Army. A Biography of Hiag's Trusted Great War Comrade in Arms.
FARR (Don)
The Sketch of the History of "F" Battery Royal Horse Artillery: Former Titles 1st Troop, 1st Brigade, Bengal Horse Artillery; 'A' Battery, 2nd Royal Horse Brigade; 'A' Battery, 'B' Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery.
The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land.
CONNOR (Ralph)
The Soldier's War: A Prose Anthology.
BROPHY (John) Ed. & intro.
The Somme Vol. 2: The Second Battle of the Somme (1918) (Amiens, Montdidier, Compiegne).
The Somme.
The Somme: The Day-by-Day Account.
The Song of Tiadatha.
The Soul of the War.
GIBBS (Philip)
The South Africans with General Smuts in German East Africa 1916.
COLLYER (Brig.-Gen. J.J., CB, CMG, DSO)
The South Lancashire Regiment, The Prince of Wales's Volunteers.
The Sparks Fly Upward.
The Standing Orders of the 1st V.B. The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 1904.
The Star & Crescent: Being the Story of the 17th Cavalry from 1858 to 1922.
The Stock Exchange Memorial of those who Fell in the Great War 1914-1919.
The Storm of Steel: From the Diary of a German Storm-Troop Officer on the Western Front.
JUNGER (Ernst, Lt., 73rd Hanoverian Fusilier Regt.)
The Story of a Prisoner of War.
GREEN (Arthur)
The Story of a Regiment of Horse, being a History, 1685-1922 of the 5th Dragoon Guards.
POMEROY (Major Hon. R.L.)
The Story of a Regiment of Horse, being a History, 1685-1922 of the 5th Dragoon Guards.
POMEROY (Major Hon. R.L.)
The Story of No. 2 Company of the 7th Battn. Somerset Home Guard.
The Story of the 2/5th Bn. Gloucestershire Regt. 1914-1918.
BARNES (Capt. A.F.)
The Story of the 2/5th Bn. Gloucestershire Regt. 1914-1918.
BARNES (Capt. A.F.)
The Story of the 29th (Gosport) Home Guard Battalion Hampshire Regiment.
The Story of the 42 Aust. Inf. Bn.
The Story of the 6th Battalion the Durham Light Infantry: France, April 1915-November 1918.
AINSWORTH (Capt. R.B., MC) Ed.
The Story of the Ashantee Campaign.
READE (Winwood)
The Story of the East African Mounted Rifles.
WILSON (Capt. C.J., MC)
The Story of the Fifth Australian Division: Being an Authoritative Account of the Division's Doings in Egypt, France & Belgium.
ELLIS (Capt. A.D., MC)
The Story of the Fighting 26th: New Brunswick's One Infantry Unit in the Greatest War of all the Ages.
The Story of the First-Fifth Bedfords.
The Story of the Fourth Army in the Battle of the One Hundred Days, August 8th-November 11th 1918.
MONTGOMERY (Maj.-Gen. Sir Archibald)
The Story of the Guards Armoured Division.
ROSSE (Capt. The Earl of. MBE) HILL (Col. E.R.)
The Story of the Guards Armoured Division.
ROSSE (Capt. The Earl of. MBE) HILL (Col. E.R.)
The Story of the Indian Mutiny.
HOPE (Ascott R.)
The Story of The King's (Liverpool Regiment) Formerly the Eighth Foot.
The Story of the Northern Rhodesia Regiment.
The Story of the Wiltshire Regiment... 1756-1959.
The Story of Two Campaigns: Official War History of the Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment, 1914-1919.
NICOL (Sgt. C.G.)
The Stroud District & its Part in the Great War 1914-1919: Records from the Parishes of Bisley-with-Lypiatt, Cainscross, Chalford, Cranham, Horsley, King Stanley &c. &c.
The Struggle for the Rhine.
The Student Soldiers.
The Subaltern Officer. A Narrative.
WOOD (Capt. George)
The Suffolk Regiment 1928-1946.
The Suvla Bay Failure.
FRANKS (Angela & Greg) Comps.
The Tale of a Tank & Other Yarns.
ASHTON (Harold)
The Tank Corps.
WILLIAMS-ELLIS (Major Clough, MC, & A.)
The Tank in Action.
BROWNE (Capt. D.G., MC)
The Tanks: The History of the Royal Tank Regiment & its predecessors, Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps, Tank Corps & Royal Tank Corps 1914-1945.
The Territorial Battalions: A Pictorial History 1859-1985.
The Third Ypres: Passchendaele, The Day-by-Day Account.
The Thirty-Third Division in France & Flanders 1915-1919.
The Three Presidencies of India: A History of the Rise & Progress of the British Indian Possessions from the Earliest Records to the Present Times with an Account of their Government, Religion, Manners, Customs, Education Etc. Etc.
The Tragedy of an Army: La Vend‚e in 1793.
The Tragedy of Sir John French.
CASSAR (George H.)
The Transvaal War 1880-81.
The Truth About the Dardanelles.
The Tumpline As A Means of Saving Manpower.
PHELAN (Major F.R.)
The Turkish Front 1914-1918: The Campaigns at Gallipoli, in Mesopotamia & in Palestine.
The Union Castle & The War 1914-1919.
The United Services Handbook 1939: A Mine of Useful Information for Members of the Services: Hotels, Schools, Hunting, Riding, Fishing, Gold, Amusements, Motoring & Travel, Residential Facilities, Insurance, Etc.
The Unveiling of Lhasa.
CANDLER (Edmund)
The Victorian Army & The Staff College 1854-1914.
BOND (Brian)
The Vigil, And Other Studies in Khaki.
LEIGH (Dell)
The W.R.A.F. on the Rhine. July [1919].
The W.R.A.F. on the Rhine. No.3. September [1919].
The Wanderings of a Temporary Warrior: A Territorial Officer's Narrative of Service (And Sport) in Three Continents.
BACON (Capt. A.F.L., late Hampshire Regt.)
The War Against Japan. Vol. III: The Decisive Battles.
KIRBY (Maj.-Gen. S. Woodburn) et al.
The War Against Paris 1871.
TOMBS (Robert)
The War Department: Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare 1941-1942.
MATLOFF (Maurice) & SNELL (Edwin M.)
The War Diary of a Square Peg.
MUGGE (Maximilian A.)
The War Diary of the Master of Belhaven 1914-1918.
HAMILTON (Lt.-Col. Hon. R.G.A.)
The War History of the 6th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment (T.F.).
The War in the Air: Being the Story of the Part Played in the Great War by The Royal Air Force.
RALEIGH (Walter) & JONES (H.A.)
The War in the Air: Being the Story of the Part Played in the Great War by The Royal Air Force.
RALEIGH (Walter) & JONES (H.A.)
The War in the Air: Being the Story of the Part Played in the Great War by The Royal Air Force: Vol. I.
RALEIGH (Walter)
The War in the Peninsula: Some Letters of Lieutenant Robert Knowles, of the 7th, or Royal Fusiliers, a Lancashire Officer.
KNOWLES (Sir Lees, Bart.)
The War of 1812: Land Operations.
STANLEY (George F.G.)
The War of the Guns: Western Front 1917 & 1918.
The War Plans of the Great Powers, 1880-1914.
KENNEDY (Paul M.) Ed.
The War Record of the 1/5th (Earl of Chester's) Bn. The Cheshire Regiment August 1914-June 1919.
CHURTON (Lt.-Col. W.A.V., DSO, TD)
The War with the Ottoman Empire.
GREY (Jeffrey)
The Wardens of the Marches: A History of the Piffers 1947-1971.
RAHMAN (Lt.-Gen. M.A., MC, FFR)
The Way of the Red Cross.
The Weald of Youth.
SASSOON (Siegfried)
The Weary Road: Recollections of a Subaltern of infantry.
DOUIE (Charles)
The Weary Road: Recollections of a Subaltern of infantry.
DOUIE (Charles)
The West Yorkshire Regiment in the Great War.
WYRALL (Everard)
The Whale Oil Guards.
The White Army.
The Wild Geese are Flighting.
HORSFALL (Lt.-Col. John, DSO, MC)
The Wipers Times: A Complete Facsimile of the Famous World War One Trench Newspaper. Incorporating the New Church Times, The Kemmel Times, The Somme Times, The B.E.F. Times, the Better Times.
The Worcestershire Regiment 1922-1950.
BIRDWOOD (Lt.-Col. Lord)
The Writing of Official Military History.
HIGHAM (Robin) Ed.
The Yarn of a Yeoman.
Their Duty Done: The Kitchener Battalions of the Royal Berkshire Regiment 1918.
FOX (Colin) et al.
Their Name Liveth: The Book of The Scottish National War Memorial.
HAY (Ian)
These For Remembrance: Memoirs of Six Friends Killed in the Great War.
They Also Serve: The 39th Cheshire Battalion Home Guard.
Thirty Years of Shikar.
BRADDON (Sir Edward, KCMG)
Three Lives - And Now. An Autobiography.
FOOT (Stephen, DSO, MA, late Bt. Major, RE)
Three Times & Out, told by Private [M.C.] Simmons.
Three Years with the 9th (Scottish) Division.
CROFT (Lt.-Col. W.D., CMG, DSO)
Through Egypt in War-Time.
BRIGGS (Martin S.)
Through French Eyes: Britain's Effort.
DAVRAY (Henry D.)
Through Hell to Victory: From Passchendale to Mons with the 2nd Devons in 1918.
Through the Hindenburg Line: Crowning Days on the Western Front.
Through the Wheat.
BOYD (Thomas)
Tigris Gunboats: A Narrative of the Royal Navy's Co-operation with the Military Forces in Mesopotamia from the Beginning of the War to the Capture of Baghdad (1914-17).
NUNN (Vice-Adml. Wilfred, CB, CSI, CMG, DSO)
Tim Harington Looks Back.
HARINGTON (Gen. Sir Charles)
Time Stood Still: My Internment in England 1914-1918.
To Guard My People: The History of the Indian Police.
GRIFFITHS (Sir Percival)
To the Limit of Endurance: A Battalion of Marines in the Great War.
OWEN (Peter F.)
To Verdun from the Somme: An Anglo American Glimpse of the Great Advance.
Toes Up: A Chronicle of Gay & Doleful Adventures of Alpini & Mules & Wine.
Tom Slade with the Flying Corps.
Tommy's Triangle.
COPPING (Arthur E.)
Townshend of Chitral & Kut. Based on the Diaries & Private Papers of Major-General Sir Charles Vere Townshend, KCB, DSO.
SHERSON (Erroll)
Townshend of Kut: A Biography of Major-General Sir Charles Townshend KCB DSO.
BARKER (Col. A.J.)
Traditions & Customs of the Indian Armed Forces.
DAS (Maj.-Gen. Chand N.)
Traditions of a Regiment: The Story of the Rajputana Rifles.
SETHNA (Lt. Gen. A.M., PVSM, AVSM) & KATJU (Lt.-Col. Valmiki)
Transport & Sport in the Great War Period.
Treatment of War Wounds & Fractures, With Special Reference to the Closed Method as Used in the War in Spain.
Trench Letters of a Humorist.
DENYS (Vere) [Pseud.]
Trench Pictures from France.
REDMOND (Major William, MP)
Tribes on My Frontier: An Indian Naturalist's Foreign Policy.
Tunnellers: The Story of the Tunnelling Companies, Royal Engineers, during the Great War.
GRIEVE (Capt. W. Grant) & NEWMAN (Bernard)
Twelve Days.
Twenty-Two Months Under Fire.
CROFT (Brig.-Gen. H. Page, CMG, MP)
Twice Interned: Transvaal 1901-02; Germany 1914-18.
Two Months in Arrah in 1857.
HALLS (John James, Asst. Surgeon, Bengal Army)
Two Years on Trek, Being Some Account of the Royal Sussex Regiment in South Africa.
DU MOULIN (Lt.-Col. L.E.)
Types of Naval Officers Drawn from the History of the British Navy, With Some Account of the Conditions of Naval Warfare at the beginning of the Eighteenth Century, & its subsequent development during the Sail Period.
MAHAN (Capt. A.T., USN)



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