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S.O.S. Stand To!
GRANT (Sgt. Reginald, 1st Fd. Arty. Bde., 1st Canadian Division)
S.S. "Borodino" M.F.A. No. 6. A Short Account of the Junior Army & Navy Stores Ltd. with H.M. Grand Fleet December 1914-February 1919.
Saints & Parachutes: Two Aspects of An Adventure.
MILLER (Lt.-Cdr. John, GC)
Salonica & After: The Sideshow that Ended the War.
OWEN (H. Collinson)
Salute of Guns.
BOYD (Donald [F., MC])
Sapper Dorothy Lawrence: The Only English Woman Soldier, late Royal Engineers, 51st Division, 179th Tunnelling Company, B.E.F.
LAWRENCE (Sapper Dorothy)
Sappers in the Persian Gulf.
ADCOCK (Col. W.H.)
Sappers Solace: 3/2 London Divisional Engineers, Esher. Vol. I, No. 4, April, 1916.
Scenes from Italy's War.
Scenes Through the Battle Smoke.
MALE (Rev. Arthur)
Schaubild No. 3 fur den Morter mit 21 cm Grenaten 96
Schaubilde fur die s. 12 cm-Kanone mit 12 cm Grenaten 88 a/A (angenabert gultig auch fur 12 cm Schrapnels 80/92). Mit Dectblatt 1. [Chart for the s. 12 cm cannon with 12 cm Grenades 88 a / A (also valid for 12 cm shrapnel 80/92). With Dectblatt 1.]
Schaubilder fur dem Morter mit 21 cm Grenaten 14.
Scots Guard.
EWART (Wilfred)
Scouting Thrills.
MCKEAN (Capt. G.B., VC, MC, MM, 14th Canadian Inf.)
Scrap Book of the 7th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry (13th Foot) being a chronicle of their experiences in the Great War, 1914-1918, contributed by officers & other ranks... [And:] Cambrai... A Supplement to the Scrap Book of the 7th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry.
Sea Survival.
Seaborne Trade. Vol. I: The Cruiser Period; Vol. II: From the Opening of the Submarine Campaign to the Appointment of the Shipping Controller; Vol. III: The Period of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare.
FAYLE (E. Ernest)
Sebastopol Trenches & Five Months in Them.
PACK (Col. Reynell, CB)
Second Korean Supplement to the Journal of the VIII King's Royal Irish Hussars, 1951-52.
Second Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, Libya-Egypt 1941-1942.
PITMAN (Major Stuart)
Second Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, Libya-Egypt 1941-1942.
PITMAN (Major Stuart)
Secret Despatches from Arabia.
SECRET German 1:10,000 trench map: Zonnebeke, Polygon Wood, Oosthoek, Slypskapelle &c.
Seeing Red: Today in Russia.
FARSON (Negley)
Selections from Speeches of Sir J.J.D. Latouche, KCSI, Lieutenant Governor of the United Provinces From 1901 to 1906.
Selections from the Dispatches & General Orders of Field Marshal The Duke of Wellington.
GURWOOD (Lt.-Col. J.) Ed.
Selections from The Inchkeith Lyre, The Non-Official Organ of the 6th Battalion The Royal Scots.
Selections from the Letters, Despatches & Other State Papers Preserved in The Military Department of the Government of India 1857-58. Volume I: [Delhi].
FORREST (George W.) Ed.
Selections from the State Papers of The Governors-General of India. Vol. II, Warren Hastings. Documents.
FORREST (George W.) Ed.
Sepoy Generals: Wellington to Roberts.
Serbia & the Serbians: Letters from Lady Muriel Herbert, Who was with the Second Serbian Relief Fund Unit.
HERBERT (Lady Muriel)
Serbia's Part in The Great War. Volume I: The Rampart Against Pan-Germanism. Being The Political & Military Story of the Austro-Serbian Campaign.
PRICE (Crawfurd)
Sergeant Lawrence Goes to France.
YULE (P.) Ed.
Servants of the Guns.
JEFFERY (Jeffery E.) [Pseud. of MARSTON (Jeffery E.)]
Servants of the Guns.
JEFFERY (Jeffery E.) [Pseud. of MARSTON (Jeffery Eardly)]
Servants of the Guns.
JEFFERY (Jeffery E.) [Pseud. of MARSTON (Jeffery Eardly)]
Sharpshooters at War: 3rd, 4th & 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry 1939-45.
GRAHAM ([Lt.-Col.] A.)
Sheet 57cNW 1:20,000 Ed. 7D (Local).
Sherston's Progress.
SASSOON (Siegfried)
Sherston's Progress.
SASSOON (Siegfried)
Shetland's Roll of Honour & Roll of Service.
Shock Army of the British Empire: The Canadian Corps in the Last 100 Days of the Great War.
Shoot & Be Damned.
HALYBURTON (Sgt. Ed., DSM) & GOLL (Ralph)
Short Flights with the Cloud Cavalry.
"SPIN" [Pseud. of G.E. Thomson, Recording Officer, 46 Sqdrn. RFC]
Shoulder-Belt Plates & Buttons.
PARKYN (Major H.G., OBE)
Show Me Death!
DENT (W. Redvers)
Siberian Garrison.
Signal Training Volume IV. 1927. Construction & Maintenance of Lines.
Signal Training Volume V. Signal Office Organization & Procedure 1938.
Singapore to Colombo: The Diary of Major Colin W.A. Inglis, Indian Engineers, 13th February to 5th March, 1942.
INGLIS (Colin)
Sinister Twilight: The Fall & Rise Again of Singapore.
Sir Douglas Haig's Command: December 19, 1915-November 11, 1918.
DEWAR (G.A.B.) & BORASTON (Lt.-Col. J.H.)
Sir Douglas Haig's Despatches (December 1915-April 1919).
HAIG (Field Marshal Sir Douglas)
Sir John Moore.
OMAN (Carola)
Sirdar & Khalifa: Or the Reconquest of the Sudan 1898.
Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning: The Great War in European Cultural History.
Six Days in March, '18.
WARD (Major Ronald Ogier, DSO, MC, HAC)
Six Months at Sebastopol: Being Selections from the Journal & Correspondence of the late Major George Ranken, Royal Engineers.
RANKEN (W. Bayne)
Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General Skinner and His Sons.
SKINNER (Allan MacLean, QC) Comp.
Slaves of the War Lords.
Small Arms Firing Manual 1913. Corrected to April 15, 1917 (Changes Nos. 1 to 18).
Small Arms Manual.
BARLOW (Brig. J.A., CBE, psc, late West Yorkshire Regt.) & JOHNSTON (Lt.-Col. R.E.W., LRB)
Small Arms Training. Volume II. 1924. With Additions for India.
Small Craft.
Small scrap album/autograph book with WW1 content.
Smoke on the Horizon: Mediterranean Fighting 1914-1918.
USBORNE (Vice-Adml. C.V., CB, CMG)
Sniping in France: With Notes on the Scientific Training of Scouts, Observers, & Snipers.
Snow Trenches.
So Few Got Through: The Personal Diary of Lieut.-Col. Martin Lindsay, DSO, MP, who served with the Gordon Highlander in the 51st Highland Division from July, 1944, to May, 1945.
So This Was War! The Truth About the Western & Eastern Fronts Revealed.
Society at War 1914-1916.
Soissons Before and During the War.
Soldier & Peasant in French Popular Culture, 1766-1870.
HOPKIN (David M.)
Soldier & Sailor Words & Phrases: Including Slang of the Trenches & the Air Force; British & American War Words & Service Terms & Expressions in Everyday Use; Nicknames, Sobriquets & Titles of Regiments, with their Origins; The Battle Honours of the Great War awarded to the British Army.
FRASER (Edward) & GIBBONS (John) Comps.
Soldier from the Wars Returning.
Soldier of the Empire: The Memoirs of Lt. Colonel A.J. Richardson D.S.O., East Yorkshire Regiment.
FARRAR (Peter N.) Ed.
Soldier Songs.
MACGILL (Patrick)
Soldier Songs.
MACGILL (Patrick)
Soldiering & Surveying in British East Africa 1891-1894.
Soldiering in India 1764-1787: Extracts from Journals & Letters left by Lt. Colonel Allan Macpherson & Lt. Colonel John Macpherson of the East India Company's Service.
Soldiering of Sorts: A London Territorial Officer in the First World War.
MYER (Henry D.)
Soldiers of the King: The Story of the 53rd Surrey Battalion Home Guard.
PEPPERALL (Lt.-Col. R.A., MC) Comp.
Soldiers of the Raj: The Indian Army 1600-1947.
GUY (Alan J.) & BOYDEN (Peter B.)
Soliloquies of a Subaltern Somewhere in France.
COOPER (Eric Thirkell)
Some Account of the 10th & 12th Battalions The Hampshire Regiment 1914-1918.
COWLAND (Major W.S.) Ed.
Some Chaplains in Khaki: An Account of the Work of the Chaplains of the United Navy & Army Board.
SPURR (Frederic C.)
Some Memories 1916-17.
Some Pages from the History of "Q" Battery, R.H.A., in the Great War.
BURNE (Major A.H., RA)
Some Private Recollections of a Base Wallah, 1914-1919.
SPENCER (Col. Charles Louis., RE [T], CBE, DSO, TD)
Sometimes a Soldier.
Somme Harvest: Memories of a P.B.I. in the Summer of 1916.
EYRE (Giles E.M., ex-Rfmn. R/9885)
Somme Harvest: Memories of a P.B.I. in the Summer of 1916.
EYRE (Giles E.M., ex-Rfmn. R/9885)
Songs & Slang of the British Soldier 1914-1918.
BROPHY (John) & PARTRIDGE (Eric) Eds.
Songs From the Trenches.
Sonnets from a Prison Camp.
Sons of Victory 1914-1918.
South African Forces World War II (Vol. VIII, Parts I & II): Salute the Sappers. Part I: The Formation of the South African Engineer Corps & its Operations in East Africa & the Middle East to the Battle of Alamein. Part II: The Operations of the South African Engineer Corps in the North African & Italian Theatres of War from the Battle of El Alamein to the end of WW2.
ORPEN (Col. Neil) & MARTIN (Lt.-Gen. H.J.)
Special Service in Greece.
Spectamur Agendo: 1st Battalion The East Lancashire Regiment, August & September 1914.
Sri Lanka Armoured Corps: 60 Years of History 1955-2015.
St. George's Gazette [Journal of the Northumberland Fusiliers] Vol. XX, January-December 1902.
St. George's Gazette [Journal of the Northumberland Fusiliers] Vol. XXI, January-December 1903.
St. Nicholas, Brighton, Parish Magazine, January 1916-December 1919 [Bound together with:] The Sign with which is incorporated The Living Church, January 1916-December 1919.
Standing Orders 9th (Queen's Royal) Lancers [1911].
Standing Orders of the Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own).
Standing Orders, British Military Hospital, Rawalpindi. 1935.
Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire During the Great War. 1914-1920.
Steady Drummer.
CASSON (Stanley)
Steady Drummer.
CASSON (Stanley)
Steam in East Africa: A Pictorial History of the Railways in East Africa, 1893-1976.
Stellungskarte de 17 Armee. Biache-St. Vaast B.6.N.W. 1:10,000 trench map showing region east of Arras.
Stick & String.
TINSLEY (Terence)
Stonyhurst War Record: A Memorial of the Part Taken by Stonyhurst Men in the Great War.
Stories of the Victoria Cross.
Straight on for Tokyo: The War History of the 2nd Bn. The Dorsetshire Regiment 1939-1948.
WHITE (Lt.-Col. O.G.W., DSO)
Streatham's 41.
Stretcher-Bearers... at the Double: History of the Fifth Canadian Field Ambulance which Served Overseas during the Great War of 1914-1918.
NOYES (Frederick W.)
Students Under Arms: Being the War Adventures of the Aberdeen University Company of the Gordon Highlanders.
RULE (Alexander, MC, MA)
Studies in the Social Services.
Studies in the Social Services.
Sunset, Night & Dawn.
MILSOM (Lieut. Harry Gordon, 1st Canadian Div.)
Superior Force: The Conspiracy behind the Escape of the Goeben & Breslau.
MILLER (Geoffrey)
Superiority of Fire: A Short History of Rifles & Machine-Guns.
PRIDHAM (Major C.H.B.)
Supplement to the Half-Yearly Army List for the period ending 31st Dec. 1924. War Services of Officers on Retired Pay.
Supplement to the Indian Army List: January 1924.
Supplement to the Indian Army List: January 1939.
Surrender be Damned: A History of the 1/1st Battalion the Monmouthshire Regiment 1914-18.
HUGHES (Les) & DIXON (John)
Surrendered: Some Naval War Secrets.
"GRIFF" [Pseud. of GRIFFITH (Cdr. Arthur Steuart, RN)]
Sussex in the First World War.

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