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Napoleon & Waterloo: The Emperor's campaign with the armee du Nord 1815.
BECKE (Major A.F.)
Napoleon's Last Campaign in Germany 1813.
PETRE (F. Loraine)
Napoleon's War Maxims, With His Social & Political Thoughts.
HENRY (Prof. L.E.)
Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of India from Calcutta to Bombay 1824-1825 (With Notes upon Ceylon); an Account of a Journey to Madras & the Southern Provinces, 1826, & Letters written in India.
HEBER (Rt. Rev. R.)
Narrative of the Second Sikh War in 1848-49. With a Detailed Account of the Battles of Ramnugger, The Passage of the Chenab, Chillianwallah, Goojerat, &c.
THACKWELL (Edward Joseph, Esq., late ADC to Gen. Thackwell)
National Union of Teachers War Record 1914-1919: A Short Account of Duty & Work Accomplished during the War.
Naval Battles of the First World War.
Naval General Service Medal Roll: Syria.
Naval Policy Between the Wars. I: The Period of Anglo-American Antagonism 1919-1929. 2: The Period of Reluctant Rearmament 1930-1939.
ROSKILL (Stephen)
Naval Policy Between the Wars. Vol. II: The Period of Reluctant Rearmament 1930-1939.
ROSKILL (Stephen)
Naval Warfare: Its Ruling, Principles & Practice Historically Treated.
COLOMB (Rear-Adml. P.H.)
Nazi Para-Military Organizations & Their Badges.
Nemesis at Potsdam: The Anglo-Americans & the Expulsion of the Germans, Background, Execution, Consequences.
ZAYAS (Alfred M. de)
Never Such Innocence: A New Anthology of Great War Verse.
STEPHEN (Martin) Ed. & Intro.
Nigerian Sketches.
Night Bombing with the Bedouins, by One of the Squadron.
No. 242 Squadron, The Canadian Years, The Story of the RAF's 'All Canadian' Fighter Squadron.
North of Scotland Bank Limited War Record 1914-1918.
North-West Europe 1944-5: The Acghievement of 21st Army Group.
NORTH (John)
Not For Glory: A Personal History of the Great War.
Notes from the Front Part II. Collated by the General Staff.
Notes of a Camp-Follower on the Western Front.
Notes on Elementary Field Training, Part I: Including The Attack; The Defence & Trench Making; Outposts [together with:] Part II: Including The Uses of the Entrenching Tool; Notes on Advanced, Rear & Flank Guards; Economy of Ammuinition; Wood Fighting; The Use of Cover.
Notes on Field Artillery for Officers of All Arms.
SPAULDING (Capt. O.L., Field Arty, US Army)
Notes on Map Reading. For Use in Army Schools. 1915.
Notes on the Battle of Waterloo.
KENNEDY (Gen. Sir James S., KCB)
Notes on the Duties of the Field Officer in Brigade Waiting.
PONSONBY (F.E.G., Major, Grenadier Guards)
Notes on the Operations of the British Expeditionary Force, August 22nd to September 9th, 1914.
MOORE (Capt. W., HLI Reserve of Officers)
Notes on Training Field Artillery Details.
Nothing of Importance: A Record of Eight Months at the Front with a Welsh Battalion.
ADAMS (Bernard)



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