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Macklin of the Loyals: A War Story of the Western Front.
POOLE (Michael)
Macklin of the Loyals: A War Story of the Western Front.
POOLE (Michael)
Madras General Orders, Isued at Fort St. George, 7th January-26th June 1858.
Madras Infantry 1748-1943.
PHYTHIAN-ADAMS (Lt.-Col. E.G., Madras Regt. &c.)
Maintain the Right: The Early History of the North West Mounted Police, 1873-1900.
ATKIN (Ronald)
Maj.-Genl. J.N. Thomson, DSO, MC, psc, ADC to the King, Deputy Master-General of the Ordnance, India, 1943-1946, formerly RA: Lecture notes/papers from Staff College, Camberley, 1921.
Major-Gen. Sir John Hallam Parr, KCB, CMG, Recollections & Correspondence, with a Short Account of His Two Sons, Lts. A.H.H. & G.R. Parr.
Makriyannis: The Memoirs of General Makriyannis 1797-1864.
LIDDERDALE (H.A.) Ed. & Trans.
Man of Armour: A Study of Lieut.-General Vyvyan Pope & the Development of Armoured Warfare.
LEWIN (Ronald)
Mandate Days: British Lives in Palestine: British Lives in Palestine 1918-1948.
Manual of Elementary Drill (All Arms) 1935.
Manual of Military Hygiene. 1921.
Manual of Military Law. War Office 1907.
Manual of Military Law. War Office 1907.
Manual of Military Law. War Office 1929 (Reprinted December 1939).
Manual of Physical Training. (Reprint 1908 with Amendments published in Army Orders to 1st December, 1914.).
Map of Burmah & The Surrounding Countries by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen... 1886.
Map. Survey of India. Sheet Nos. 72, 73, 78 & 79.
March, Kind Comrade.
Marine Commando: Sicily & Salerno 1943 with 41 Royal Marines Commando.
MITCHELL (Raymond)
Marriage & The British Army in the Long Eighteenth Century.
HURL-EAMON (Jennine)
Max Immelmann, The Eagle of Lille.
Medal Without Bar.
BLAKER (Richard)
Medical Officers in the British Army 1660-1960. 2 Vols., 1660-1898, 1898-1960.
DREW (R.) et al.
Medical Services in War: The Principal Medical Lessons of the Second World War. Based on the Official Medical Histories of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & India.
MACNALTY (Sir Arthur Salusbury) & MELLOR (W. Franklin)
Medical Services of the R.A.N. & R.A.A.F, With a Section on Women in the Army Medical Services.
WALKER (Allan S., MD)
Medical Services: Medical Stores & Equipment.
RAINA (Lt.-Col. B.L.) Ed.
Medical Services: The Campaigns in the Eastern Theatre.
RAINA (Lt.-Col. B.L.)
Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East & Italy.
Medicine and Pathology.
COPE (Sir V.Z.) Ed.
Memoir of the Late Major Charles W. Yates.
Memoir of the Services of The Bengal Artillery, from the Formation of the Corps to the Present Time, with Some Account of its Internal Organisation.
BUCKLE (Late Capt. E., AAG Bengal Arty.)
Memoirs & Correspondence of Field-Marshal Viscount Combermere, GCB, Etc., From His Family Papers.
COMBERMERE (Mary, Viscountess) & KNOLLYS (Capt. W.W., 93rd Sutherland Highlrs.)
Memoirs of a Napoleonic Officer, Jean-Baptiste Barrès.
Memoirs of a Rifleman Scout.
CRUM (Major F.M., KRRC)
Memoirs of a Serjeant of the 5th Regt. of Foot, Containing an Account of His Service in Hanover, South America & the Peninsula.
MORLEY (Sgt. Stephen)
Memoirs of a Spy. [Adventures Along the Eastern Fronts].
SNOWDEN (Nicholas)
Memoirs of an Unconventional Soldier.
FULLER (Maj.-Gen. J.F.C., CBE, DSO)
Memoirs of Marshal Joffre.
JOFFRE (Marshal)
Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne (1812-1813).
Memoirs of The Lord Viscount Dundee, The Highland Clans, & The Massacre of Glencoe: With An Account of Dundee Officers Aftet They Went to France.
Memorial Volume Containing a Record of Those Members & Students Who Died for their Country in the Great War.
Memorials of Old Boys & Masters of the Dragon School, Oxford, Who Fell in the Great War.
Memorials of Rugbeians Who Fell in the Great War: Vol. II.
Memories & Impressions of War & Revolution in Russia 1914-1917.
GOURKO (Gen. Basil)
Memories of a Blue-Jacket 1872-1918.
RILEY (Patrick)
Memories of a Long Life.
DAVIDSON (Lt.-Col. David, CB, HEICS)
Memories of Forty-Eight Years Service.
SMITH-DORRIEN (Gen. Sir Horace)
Memories of Four Fronts.
MARSHALL (Lt.-Gen. Sir William, GCMG, KCB, KCSI, CB)
Mercenaries of the Napoleonic Wars.
Mercy & Murder: An American Ambulance Driver's Experiences in Finland, Norway & France.
Metropolitan Special Constabulary Official Handbook 1938.
Military Advisors in Korea: KMAG in Peace & War.
SAWYER (Maj. Robert K.)
Military Catechism & Handbook of Regimental Standing Orders, Duties of Officers, Guards, Courts Martial, Etc.
WALSHE (Anthony, late Bt. Capt., 87th Royal Irish Fus.)
Military Drawings & Paintings in the Royal Collection. Volume One: Plates.
Military Engineering. (Part IV.) Mining & Demolitions.
Military History for the Staff College: A Brief Summary of the Campaigns, With Questions & Answers.
Military Leadership & Counterinsurgency: The British Army & Small War Strategy Since World War II.
NOLAN (Victoria)
Military Memories.
MARRIOTT (Maj.-Gen. Sir John, KCVO, CB, DSO, MC)
Military Operations Egypt & Palestine.
MACMUNN (Gen. Sir A.G.) & FALLS (Capt. Cyril)
Military Operations Egypt & Palestine. Vol. I: From the Outbreak of War with Germany to June 1917.
MACMUNN (Gen. Sir A.G.) & FALLS (Capt. Cyril)
Military Operations France & Belgium 1914 Part II: Antwerp, La Bassee, Armentieres, Messines & Ypres, Oct.-Nov. 1914.
EDMONDS (Sir James)
Military Operations France & Belgium 1916 Part I: Sir Douglas Haig's Command to 1st July 1916: The Battle of the Somme.
EDMONDS (Sir James)
Military Operations France & Belgium 1916 Part II: 2nd July 1916 to the end of the Battles of the Somme.
EDMONDS (Sir James)
Military Operations France & Belgium 1918 Part I: The German March Offensive & its Preliminaries.
EDMONDS (Sir James)
Military Operations France & Belgium 1918 Part III: May-July: The German Diversion Offensives & the First Allied Counter-Offensive.
EDMONDS (Brig. Sir J.E., CB, CMG)
Military Operations Macedonia.
FALLS (Cyril) et al.
Military Operations: Gallipoli.
Military Situation on the Western Front, aka: A Review of the Military Situation on the Western Front [and] Review of the Military Situation [and] General Military Situation [and] Review of the General Military Situation.
Ministry of Home Security. Notes on the Detection & Reporting of Unexploded Bombs & Shells.
Ministry of Home Security. Notes on the Detection & Reporting of Unexploded Bombs & Shells.
Mit einer Bayerischen Infanterie Division durch Rumanien.
WEIS (J., Divisionspfarrer)
Mobilization of the Marine Corps Reserve in the Korean Conflict, 1950-1951.
GIUSTI (Ernest H.)
Modern Ordnance: A Letter to the Secretary of State for War [Bound with:] Further Remarks on Our Ordnance Administration.
LONGRIDGE (James A., M. Inst. CE)
Mons & The Retreat.
GORDON (Capt. G.S.)
Mons: The Retreat to Victory.
Monuments to Courage: Victoria Cross Headstones & Memorials. 2 Vols., 1854-1916; 1917-1982.
HARVEY (David)
More Adventures In Kilt & Khaki: Sketches of the Glasgow Highlanders & Others in France.
LYON (T.M.) ["Private Leo"]
More Fighting Newfoundlanders: A History of Newfoundland's Fighting Forces in the Second World War.
More Songs by the Fighting Men (Soldier Poets - Second Series).
Moreton Regiment Infantry, First Regiment of Queensland.
Motoring Memories in Peace & War.
HARRIS (Tindall)
Mountain Battery, Burma 1942.
Mr. Poilu: Notes & Sketches with the Fighting French.
WARD (Herbert)
Much Sounding of Bugles: The Siege of Chitral 1895.
Munition Lasses: Six Months as Principal Overlooker in Danger Buildings.
My Army Life.
DUNDONALD (Lt.-Gen. The Earl of)
My Diary in India in the Year 1858-59.
RUSSELL (William Howard)
My Escape from Germany.
KEITH (Eric A.)
My Experiences in the World War.
PERSHING (John J., C.-in-C., AEF)
My Experiences of the Boer War.
My Experiences on Three Fronts.
My Fourteen Months at the Front: An American's Baptism of Fire.
ROBINSON (William J.)
My Garden in the Wilderness.
MURRAY (Kathleen L.)
My Life: An Autobiography by Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Dermot Boyle, GCB, KCVO, KBE, AFC.
BOYLE (Air Marshal Sir Dermot)
My Reminiscences of East Africa.
My Reminiscences of East Africa.
My Seventy-Five: Journal of a French Gunner (August-September 1914).
My Seventy-Five: Journal of a French Gunner (August-September 1914).
My War Experiences.
WILLIAM (Crown Prince of Germany)
My War Memories 1914-1918.



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