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G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer).
G.S.O. [Pseud. of FOX (Sir Frank)]
Gallant Gentlemen.
Gallipoli Diary.
GILLAM (Major John Graham, DSO)
Gallipoli Diary.
GILLAM (Major John Graham, DSO)
Gallipoli Diary.
HAMILTON (Gen. Sir Ian)
Gallipoli Revisited.
HOPE (W.E. Stanton)
JAMES (R. Rhodes)
Gallipoli: The Ottoman Campaign.
ERICKSON (Edward J.)
Gas! The Battle for Ypres, 1915.
Genealogical & Heraldic History of the Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage. 1916.
BURKE (Sir Bernard)
General Botha.
General Bourbake's Campaign in January & February 1871.
MAGUIRE (T. Miller)
General Bramble.
General Chanzy's Campaign; Loire to Sarthe.
MAGUIRE (T. Miller)
General Craufurd & His Light Division.
CRAUFURD (Rev. Alexander H.)
General Headquarters 1914-1916 & its Critical Decisions.
FALKENHAYN (Gen. Erich von)
General Military Situation in Europe. Central Publicity Board. 15th July 1918.
General Rigby, Zanzibar & the Slave Trade, with Journals, Dispatches, Etc.
RUSSELL (Mrs Charles E.B.)
General Staffs and Diplomacy before the Second World War.
Genesis, Employment, Aftermath: First World War Tanks & The New Warfare, 1900-1945.
SEARLE (Alaric) Ed.
Gentlemen and Officers: The Impact and Experience of War on a Territorial Regiment 1914-1918.
Gentlemen's Sons: The Guards in the Peninsula & at Waterloo, 1808-1815.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Algeria. February 1943/May 1944.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Morocco. December 1941/October 1942.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Palestine & Transjordan. December 1943.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Yugoslavia. October 1944/June 1945.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Yugoslavia. Vol. I, Physical Geography; Vol. II, History, Peoples & Administration; Vol. III, Economic Geography, Ports & Communications. October 1944/June 1945.
German Aircraft Armament: A selection of United States Army Air Force intelligence material c.1944-45.
German Airforce & Aircraft Research: A selection of contemp. material c.1942-45
German East Africa. Karogwe. A. Scale 1:100,,000.
German East Africa. Kissaki. E5. 1:300,000.
German East Africa. Mahenge. F5. 1:300,000.
German East Africa. Mikindani. G7. 1:300,000.
German East Africa. Moa. D. Scale 1:100,,000.
German East Africa. Mohoro. E6. 1:300,000.
German Raiders in the Pacific.
German Strategy in the Great War.
NEAME (Bt. Lt.-Col. Philip, VC, DSO, RE)
German Students' War Letters.
WITKOP (Dr. P.) Trans. by WEDD (A.F.)
Gibraltar Directory & Guide Book (With Plans & Views of the Most Important Places of Interest in Gibraltar & Main Roads in Andalusia, Spain) for 1934.
MILES (Benedict R.) Ed.
Glorious Deeds of Australasians in the Great War.
Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co., Record of Services in the Great War 1914-1919.
Gone for a Soldier.
FRENCH (Anthony)
Goodbye to All That: An Autobiography.
GRAVES (Robert)
Gordon Pasha of the Sudan: The Life Story of an Ill-Requited Soldier.
FRENCH (Lt.-Col. Hon. Gerald, DSO)
Government & the Armed Forces in Britain 1856-1990.
SMITH (Paul) Ed.
Grand Strategy. Vol IV: August 1942-September 1943.
HOWARD (Michael)
Grand Strategy. Vol. V: August 1943-September 1944.
Grand Strategy. Vol. VI: Oct. 1944-Aug. 1945.
Grant's Campaigns of 1864 & 1865: The Wilderness & Cold Harbor (May 3-June 3, 1864).
Graphite Jet Vanes of the A4 [V2] Missile.
Grivas: Portrait of a Terrorist.
BARKER (Dudley)
Guardians of Empire: The Armed Forces of the Colonial Powers c.1700-1964.
KILLINGRAY (David) & OMISSI (David) Eds.
Gun-Running & the North-West Frontier.
KEPPEL (Hon. A.)



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