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G.H.Q. (Montreuil-sur-Mer).
G.S.O. [Pseud. of FOX (Sir Frank)]
Gallant Gentlemen.
Gallipoli Diary.
GILLAM (Major John Graham, DSO)
Gallipoli Diary.
GILLAM (Major John Graham, DSO)
Gallipoli Revisited.
HOPE (W.E. Stanton)
Gallipoli: Making History.
MACLEOD (Jenny) Ed.
Gear Up! Flight Clothing & Equipment of USAAF Airmen in World War II.
Genealogical & Heraldic History of the Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage. 1916.
BURKE (Sir Bernard)
General Botha.
General Bourbake's Campaign in January & February 1871.
MAGUIRE (T. Miller)
General Bramble.
General Chanzy's Campaign; Loire to Sarthe.
MAGUIRE (T. Miller)
General Craufurd & His Light Division.
CRAUFURD (Rev. Alexander H.)
General Headquarters 1914-1916 & its Critical Decisions.
FALKENHAYN (Gen. Erich von)
General John Jacob: Commandant of the Sind Irregular Horse & Founder of Jacobabad.
SHAND (Alexander Innes)
General Military Situation in Europe. Central Publicity Board. 15th July 1918.
General Rigby, Zanzibar & the Slave Trade, with Journals, Dispatches, Etc.
RUSSELL (Mrs Charles E.B.)
General Staffs and Diplomacy before the Second World War.
Gentlemen and Officers: The Impact and Experience of War on a Territorial Regiment 1914-1918.
Gentlemen's Sons: The Guards in the Peninsula & at Waterloo, 1808-1815.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Algeria. February 1943/May 1944.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Morocco. December 1941/October 1942.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Palestine & Transjordan. December 1943.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Yugoslavia. October 1944/June 1945.
Geographical Handbook Series, For Official Use Only. Yugoslavia. Vol. I, Physical Geography; Vol. II, History, Peoples & Administration; Vol. III, Economic Geography, Ports & Communications. October 1944/June 1945.
German Aircraft Armament: A selection of United States Army Air Force intelligence material c.1944-45.
German Airforce & Aircraft Research: A selection of contemp. material c.1942-45
German East Africa. Karogwe. A. Scale 1:100,,000.
German East Africa. Kissaki. E5. 1:300,000.
German East Africa. Mahenge. F5. 1:300,000.
German East Africa. Mikindani. G7. 1:300,000.
German East Africa. Moa. D. Scale 1:100,,000.
German East Africa. Mohoro. E6. 1:300,000.
German Raiders in the Pacific.
German Strategy in the Great War.
NEAME (Bt. Lt.-Col. Philip, VC, DSO, RE)
German Students' War Letters.
WITKOP (Dr. P.) Trans. by WEDD (A.F.)
Gheluvelt. Sheets 28 NE3 Ed. 6A 1:10,000.
Gibraltar Directory & Guide Book (With Plans & Views of the Most Important Places of Interest in Gibraltar & Main Roads in Andalusia, Spain) for 1934.
MILES (Benedict R.) Ed.
Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co., Record of Services in the Great War 1914-1919.
Going Across, or With the 9th Welch in the Butterfly Division: Being Extracts from the War Letters & Diary of Lieut. M. St. Helier Evans.
DELAMAIN (Frank) Ed.
Golden Arrow: The Story of the 7th Indian Division in the Second World War 1939-1945.
Gone for a Soldier.
FRENCH (Anthony)
Goodbye to All That: An Autobiography.
GRAVES (Robert)
Gordon Pasha of the Sudan: The Life Story of an Ill-Requited Soldier.
FRENCH (Lt.-Col. Hon. Gerald, DSO)
Grand Strategy. Vol I: Rearmament Policy.
Grand Strategy. Vol IV: August 1942-September 1943.
HOWARD (Michael)
Grand Strategy. Vol. VI: Oct. 1944-Aug. 1945.
Graphite Jet Vanes of the A4 [V2] Missile.
Green Envelopes.
JAMES (Col. Lionel)]
Grey Dawn - Red Night.
HODSON (James Lansdale)
Grivas: Portrait of a Terrorist.
BARKER (Dudley)
Gun Fodder: The Diary of Four Years of War.
GIBBS (Major A. Hamilton)
Gunner Subaltern: Letters written by a young man to his father during the Great War.
Gun-Running & the North-West Frontier.
KEPPEL (Hon. A.)
Guynemer, Knight of the Air.



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