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E.T. Busk, A Pioneer in Flight, With a Short Memoir of H.A. Busk, Flight Commander, R.N.A.S.
BUSK (Mrs Mary)
East Africa Protecorate. Karungu. (Provisional) Sheet South A36/E. 1:250,000.
East Africa Protecorate. Kericho. (Provisional) Sheet South A36/F. 1:250,000.
Eastern Approaches.
MACLEAN ([Brig.-Gen. Sir] Fitzroy)
Eastern Command Standing Orders, 1st January-31st December 1917.
Eastern Missions from A Soldier's Standpoint.
MONCRIEFF (Col. G.K. Scott, CIE)
Education Before Verdun.
ZWEIG (Arnold)
Edward Wyndham Tennant, A Memoir.
Egri Palnaka. 1:200,000.
Egypt, Sheet C19, 1:100,000. Little Bitter Lake. Provisional Issue, Uncorrected Edition.
Eighteen Fifty-Seven.
SEN (Surendra Nath)
Eighteen Years in the Khyber 1879-1898.
WARBURTON (Col. Sir Robert, KCIE, CSI)
Eighty Years: Soldiering, Politics, Games.
LYTTELTON (Gen. Sir Neville, GCB, GCVO)
Emergency Sahib: Of Queen's, Sikhs & The Dagger Division.
Empsons' War: A Collection of Letters.
Enemy Rear Organisation Map. Sheet 1. Edition 2. 1:40,000.
Episodes & Reflections.
CHILDS (Maj.-Gen. Sir Wyndham, KCMG, KBE, CB)
Episodes of Anglo-Indian History. A Series of Chapters From the Annals of British India, Showing The Rise & Progress of Our Indian Empire.
Escaped! Adventures in German Captivity.
ELLISON (Wallace)
Escapes & Adventures.
ELLISON (Wallace)
Essex Units in the War 1914-1919: The Service Battalions ( 9th, 10th, 13th & 15th Bns.) The Essex Regiment.
Evans of the Broke: A Biography of Admiral Lord Mountevans KCB, DSO, LLD.
POUND (Reginald)
Evasion Map, SECRET, Kra Isthsmus, 19th March 1945.
Everyman at War: Sixty Personal Narratives of the War.
Examination of Army Officers for Promotion. Papers set in October, 1936. With Remarks by the Examiners.
Experiences of a British Veteran Soldier.
MCKIERNAN (Thomas, Col. Sgt., late 50th Regt.)
Experiences of a Dug-Out 1914-1918.
CALLWELL (Maj.-Gen. Sir C.E.)
Extracts from An Officer's Diary 1914-18: Being the Story of the 15th & 16th Service Battalions The Cheshire Regiment (Originally Bantams).
JOHNSTON (Lt.-Col. Harrison, DSO)
Eyewitness: Being Personal Reminiscences of Certain Phases of the Great War including the Genesis of the Tank.
SWINTON (Maj.-Gen. Sir Ernest D., KBE, CB, DSO)



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