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D "Howitzer" Battery 291st Brigade R.F.A., 1917-1919.
D.R. Brandt: Some of His Letters.
CLAY (Charles) Ed.
Dagger Division: Story of the 19th Indian Division.
Danger Zone: The Story of the Queenstown Command.
David & Goliath: The First War of Independence 1880-1881.
Days on the Wing: Being the War Memoirs of Major the Chevalier Willy Coppens de Houthulst, DSO, MC.
COPPENS (Major Willy, DSO, MC)
De Bello Germanico: A Fragment of Trench History written in 1918 by the author of Undertones of War.
BLUNDEN (Edmund)
Deductions from the World War.
Deeds of the Royal Engineers.
Defeat into Victory.
SLIM (FM Sir William)
Defending Albion: Britain's Home Army 1908-1919.
Delville Wood.
UYS (Ian)
Dennis Ely, Captain Durham Light Infantry.
Der Weltkrieg 1914 bis 1918. Bildermappe.
Der Weltkrieg 1914 bis 1918. Die Militarischen Operationen zu Lande.
Diagrammatic Representation of Certain Phases of the War.
Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front 1914-1915.
[LUARD (K.E.)]
Diary of an Australian Soldier.
BARRETT (Capt. K.J.)
Diary of an Australian Soldier.
BARRETT (Capt. K.J.)
Diary of an Officer of "U.C. 26." May 1917.
Diary of H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, January-May 1915.
Diary of the 2/4th Battalion The Border Regiment, 1914-19.
Diary of the Crimean War.
ROBINSON (Frederick, MD, Asst. Surgeon, Scots Fus. Gds.)
Diary/journal account of enlisting in December 1914, training & subsequent services at Gallipoli &c.
SHINE (No. 3253 Pte. Thomas Shine, 2/1st City of London Regiment, Royal Fusiliers)
Die englisch-belgischen Aufmarchsplane gegen Deutschland vor dem Weltkriege. Eine militarische Studie uber die "Conventions anglo-belges" mit neuen Dokumenten. [The English-Belgian war-plans against Germany before the World Wars. A military study on the "Conventions anglo-belges" with new documents].
HOSSE (Carl)
Die feindlichen Stellungen westlich Diksmuiden. [The Enemy Positions to the West of Dixmude]. Anlagen: Fliegerbilder.
Dinsmore Ely, One Who Served.
ELY (Dr. James O.) Comp.
Diplomatic Duty & Diversion.
PATTERSON (Jefferson)
Division of the Chief of Staff. Army Headquarters. Mobilisation Branch. Case No. 672. Field Operations - Zakka Khel, 1908. Bazar Valley Field Force. From - 31st January 1908. To - 10th March 1908.
Divisional & Other Signs.
Divisional & Other Signs.
Doctors in the Great War.
Doctrine & Reform in the British Cavalry 1880-1918.
BADSEY (Stephen)
Documents Relating to the Naval Air Service. Vol. I: 1908-1918.
ROSKILL (Capt. S.W., DSC, RN) Ed.
Doing Their Bit: War Work at Home.
CABLE (Boyd)
Double-Decker C.666.
HEYDEMARCK (Capt. Haupt)
Double-Decker C.666.
HEYDEMARCK (Capt. Haupt)
Down the Flare Path.
Downside & the War 1914-1919.
Driver Advance! Being a Short Account of the 2nd Lothians & Border Horse 1939-1946.
Dry Leaves from Young Egypt.
Dug Outs in Front Line: Hun Trenches on the North Bank of the Piave, Nov. 4 1918.
HARDIE (Martin, CBE)
Dulwich College War Record 1914-1919.
Duty & Service: Letters from the Front.
CROUCH (Capt. L.W.)

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