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VAN EMDEN (Richard) & CHAMBERS (Stephen)
Gallipoli: the Dardanelles Disaster in Soldiers' Words & Photographs.
VAUGHAN (Gen. Sir J. Luther, KCB)
My Service in the Indian Army & After.
VERMA (Major S.) & ANAND (Major V.K.)
The Corps of Indian Engineers 1939-1947.
War Poems & Other Verses.
Letters to His Wife.
Letters to His Wife.
VERNER (Capt. Willoughby, RB)
The First British Rifle Corps.
VERNER (Col. W.)
History & Campaigns of the Rifle Brigade. 2 Vols., 1800-1809, 1809-1813.
VERNON (Ernest Ralph)
A Narrative of the Royal Scottish Volunteer Review in Holyrood Park on the Seventh of August 1860.
VETCH (Major R.H., RE) Ed.
Professional Papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Occasional Papers. Vol. VI. 1881.
VIBART (Col. H.M.)
Addiscombe: Its Heroes & Men of Note. [Together with:] Addiscombe: Its Heroes & Men of Note, Alphabetical List.
Letters of a Once Punjab Frontier Force Officer to His Nephew Giving His Ideas on Fighting on the North West Frontier & in Afghanistan.
VIRK (Brig. V.S., AVSM)
Indian Army Post Offices in The Second World War.
The Phantom Brigade, or the Contemptible Adventurers.
The Phantom Brigade, or the Contemptible Adventurers.
Combed Out.
The March on Paris & The Battle of the Marne 1914.
VON RICHTHOFEN (Capt. Manfred Freiherr)
The Red Battle Flyer.
VOWLES (Alfred, ex-Lieutenant The 1/4 Dorsetshire Regt.)
Wanderings with a Camera in Mesopotamia (Babylonia).
VREDENBURG (Capt. E., late 10th London Regt.)
West & East with the E.F.C. (Expeditionary Force Canteens).

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