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F.O.O. [Pseud. of STREET (Capt. C.J.C., MC)]
With the Guns.
FALLON (Capt. D., MC)
The Big Fight (Gallipoli to the Somme).
FALLS (Cyril)
The Gordon Highlanders in the First World War 1914-1918.
FALLS (Cyril)
War Books: A Critical Guide.
FARNDALE (Gen. Sir Martin, KCB)
History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: The Western Front 1914-1918.
FARNDALE (Gen. Sir Martin, KCB)
History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: The Western Front 1914-1918.
The Somme.
The Somme.
FARRAR-HOCKLEY (Gen. Sir Anthony)
Official History, The British Part in the Korean War. Volume I: A Distant Obligation. [And:] Volume II: An Honourable Discharge.
The 51st (Highland) Division: War Sketches.
FAWCETT (Lt.-Comm. H.W., RN) & HOOPER (Lt. G.W.W., RN) Eds.
The Fighting at Jutland: The Personal Experiences of Sixty Officers and Men of the British Fleet.
FAY (Sir Sam)
The War Office at War.
FEDDEN (Marguerite)
Sisters' Quarters: Salonika.
FELLOWS (Major G.) & FREEMAN (Benson)
Historical Records of the South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry 1794-1924.
FENDALL (Brig.-Gen. C.P., CB, CMG, DSO)
The East African Force 1915-1919: An Unofficial Record of its Creation & Fighting Career; Together with Some Account of the Civil & Military Administrative Conditions in East Africa Before & During That Period.
Studies in the Social Services.
Studies in the Social Services.
FERRAR (Major M.L.)
With the Green Howards in South Africa 1899-1902.
The Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1933.
FIFE (Lt.-Col. Ronald, CMG, DSO)
The History of the 7th Battalion Green Howards.
A Frontier Campaign: A Narrative of the Operations of the Malakand & Buner Field Forces 1897-1898.
With the 8th Scottish Rifles 1914-1919.
Tom Slade with the Flying Corps.
Landships: British Tanks in the First World War.
Letters from the Front: The Great War Correspondence of Lieut. Brian Lawrence, 1916-1917.
Gentlemen's Sons: The Guards in the Peninsula & at Waterloo, 1808-1815.
S.O.E. in France: An Account of the Work of the British Special Operations Executive in France 1940-1944.
FOOT (Stephen, DSO, MA, late Bt. Major, RE)
Three Lives - And Now. An Autobiography.
FOOT (Stephen, DSO, MA, late Bt. Major, RE)
Three Lives - And Now. An Autobiography.
FORBES (Maj.-Gen. A., CB, CMG)
A History of the Army Ordnance Services. Vol. III: The Great War.
Baluchistan & Short Guide to Quetta.
Guide to War Certificate "A" in Five Parts. Part Four: Drill & Weapon Training.
Selections from the Letters, Despatches & Other State Papers preserved in The Military Department of the Government of India 1857-58. Vol. III: Lucknow & Cawnpore.
FORREST (Sir George, CIE)
The Life of Lord Roberts, KG, VC.
FOSTER (Major R.C.G., MC)
History of the Queen's Royal Regiment. Vol. VIII: 1924-1948.
FOULKES (Maj.-Gen. C.H., CB, CMG, DSO)
"Gas!": The Story of the Special Brigade.
FOX (Dr Aimée)
Learning to Fight: Military Innovation & Change in the British Army, 1914-1918.
FOX (Frank)
The History of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars Yeomanry 1898-1922: The Great Cavalry Campaign in Palestine.
FOX (Major C.L., MC, RE)
Narrative of the 502 (Wessex) Field Company Royal Engineers 1915-1919.
FOX (Sir Frank)
The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in the World War: A Record of the War as seen by The Royal Inniskilling Regiment of Fusiliers, thirteen Battalions of which served.
FRANCOIS (Dominique)
82nd Airborne in Normandy: A History in Period Photographs.
Under the Guns of the German Aces: Immelmann, Voss, Goring, Lothar von Richthofen, The Complete Record of their Victories & Victims.
FRANKS (Norman)
First In the Indian Skies.
FRANKS (Norman)
Jasta Boelcke: The History of Jasta 2, 1916-1918.
FRASER (Edward) & GIBBONS (John) Comps.
Soldier & Sailor Words & Phrases: Including Slang of the Trenches & the Air Force; British & American War Words & Service Terms & Expressions in Everyday Use; Nicknames, Sobriquets & Titles of Regiments, with their Origins; The Battle Honours of the Great War awarded to the British Army.
FRASER (George MacDonald)
Quartered Safe Out Here: A Recollection of the War in Burma.
FREEMAN (Eng.-Cdr. Benson, RN)
The Yeomanry of Devon 1794-1927.
FREMANTLE (Adml. Hon. Sir Edmund, GCB)
The Navy as I Have Known It 1849-1899.
FRENCH (Anthony)
Gone for a Soldier.
FRENCH (David)
Fighting EOKA: The British Counter-Insurgency Campaign on Cyprus, 1955-1959.
FRENCH (FM Viscount)
The Complete Despatches of Lord French: Mons, The Marne, The Aisne, Flanders, Neuve Chapelle, The Second Battle of Ypres, Loos, Hohenzollern Redoubt: And a Complete List of Officers & Men Mentioned.
FRENCH (FM Viscount, of Ypres)
FRENCH (Lt.-Col. Hon. Gerald, DSO)
Gordon Pasha of the Sudan: The Life Story of an Ill-Requited Soldier.
FRENCH (Maj. Hon. Gerald, DSO)
Lord Chelmsford & the Zulu War.
FRENCH (Maj. The Hon. Gerald, DSO)
French Replies to Haig.
FRENCH (Major Hon. G., DSO)
The Life of Sir John French, First Earl of Ypres.
FRENCH (Major Hon. G., DSO)
The Life of Sir John French, First Earl of Ypres.
FULLER (Bt.-Col. J.F.C., DSO)
Tanks in the Great War 1914-1918.
FULLER (Maj.-Gen. J.F.C., CBE, DSO)
Memoirs of an Unconventional Soldier.
FUSSELL (Paul) Ed.
Sassoon's Long Journey: An Illustrated Selection from Siegfried Sassoon's 'The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston.'
FYLER (Col.)
History of the 50th (or Queen's Own) Regt. From the earliest date to the Year 1881.



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