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D. R. M. [i.e., Donald R. McLaren]
A Silver Lining: The Glasgow Highlanders in France.
The History of the 60th Division (2/2 London Division).
DANE (Edmund)
British Campaigns in the Nearer East 1914-1918, From the Outbreak of War with Turkey to the Armistice. Vol. II: The Tide of Victory.
DANE (Edmund)
British Campaigns in the Near East 1914-1918, From the Outbreak of War with Turkey to the Taking of Jerusalem.
The Royal Hampshire Regiment. Vol. 3: 1918-1954.
Letters from Helles.
Episodes of Anglo-Indian History. A Series of Chapters From the Annals of British India, Showing The Rise & Progress of Our Indian Empire.
DAVIDSON (George, MA, MD, Major, RAMC)
The Incomparable 29th & the "River Clyde."
DAVIES (Harry)
Allanson of the 6th: An Account of the life of Colonel Cecil John Lyons Allanson CMG CIE DSO, 6th Gurkha Rifles, compiled from his diaries, letters & personal papers.
DAVRAY (Henry D.)
Through French Eyes: Britain's Effort.
DAVSON (Lt.-Col. H.M.)
The History of the 35th Division in the Great War.
DAY (Cyril, DCM)
War Diary of Sgt. Cyril Day DCM The Northamptonshire Yeomany, 1914-1919.
DAY (Henry C., MC)
Macedonian Memories.
DAY (Henry C., MC)
Macedonian Memories.
DAY (Henry C., SJ., MC, Order of the White Eagle of Serbia)
An Army Chaplain's War Memories.
DAY (Jeffery, Flight-Commander, RNAS)
Poems & Rhymes.
DE LA GRANGE (Baroness Ernest)
Open House in Flanders 1914-1918: Chateau de la Motte au Bois.
DE LISLE (Gen. Sir Beauvoir, KCB, KCMG, DSO)
Reminiscences of Sport & War.
DE RUVIGNY (Marquis)
The Roll of Honour: A Biographical Record of Members of His Majesty's Naval & Military Forces who Fell in the Great War 1914-1918.
DEARDEN (Capt. Harold, RAMC)
Medicine & Duty: A War Diary.
DELAGE (Edmond)
The Tragedy of the Dardanelles.
DELAGE (Edmond)
The Tragedy of the Dardanelles.
The Moods of Ginger Mick.
DENNY (Capt. W.J., MC)
The Diggers.
DENYS (Vere) [Pseud.]
Trench Letters of a Humorist.
With the 2nd Cape Corps thro' Central Africa.
DEVAL (Jacques)
Wooden Swords.
DEVELIN (Sgt.-Major, RE)
Views in Chitral Taken during the Advance of the 3rd Brigade of the Chitral Relief Force under the Command of Brigadier-General W.F. Gatacre, D.S.O., by Sergeant-Major Develin, R.E., 1895.
Albanich: A History of the Galloway Rifle Volunteers.
DEWAR (G.A.B.) & BORASTON (Lt.-Col. J.H.)
Sir Douglas Haig's Command: December 19, 1915-November 11, 1918.
DICKSON (Brig.-Gen. W.E.R., CMG, CIE)
East Persia: A Backwater of The Great War.
DIFFORD (Capt. Ivor D.)
The Story of the 1st Battalion Cape Corps (1915-1919).
Merry Hell! A Dane with the Canadians.
DINESON (Lt. Thomas, VC)
Merry Hell! A Dane with the Canadians.
DIXON (Alec)
Tinned Soldier: A Personal Record, 1919-1926.
DIXON (W. Macneile)
The Fleets Behind the Fleet: The Work of the Merchant Seamen & Fishermen in the War.
A History of the 58th Surrey Battalion Home Guard.
DODWELL (Edward) & MILES (James Samuel) Comp. & Eds.
Alphabetical List of the Honourable East India Company's Madras Civil Servants from the Year 1780, to the Year 1839. Distinguishing, With Dates, The Several High & Important Offices Held by Them During Their Official Career; Also the Dates of Their Retirement, Resignation or Death. To Which is Attached a List of the Governors-General of India, From the Year 1773, to the Year 1839; With the Dates of Their Appointments, When They Assumed, & When Quitted, The Government. Also a List of the East India Directors... From the Year 1788, to the Year 1839.
DOMARUS (Dr. Max) Comp.
Hitler: Reden und Proklamationen 1932-1945.
Behind the Scenes at German Headquarters.
Last Flight from Singapore.
British Military Administration in the Far East 1943-46.
Civil Affairs and Military Government: Central Organization & Planning.
DONOHOE (Major M.H.)
With the Persian Expedition.
The "Last Post" Being a Roll of All Officers... Who Gave Their Lives for Their Queen, King & Country in the South African War, 1899-1902.
The New Zealand Army, A Bibliography.
DOUGLAS (Sir George) & RAMSAY (Sir George Dalhousie) Eds.
The Panmure Papers: Being a Selection from the Correspondence of Fox Maule, Second Baron Panmure...&c.
DOUIE (Charles)
The Weary Road: Recollections of a Subaltern of infantry.
DOULTON (Lt.-Col. A.J.F., OBE)
The Fighting Cock: Being the History of the 23rd Indian Division 1942-1947.
DOULTON (Lt.-Col. A.J.F., OBE)
The Fighting Cock: Being the History of the 23rd Indian Division 1942-1947.
DOWN ([William] Oliphant)
Poems by the Late Capt. Oliphant Down, M.C., 4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment.
DOWNING (W.H., [MM], late AIF)
To The Last Ridge.
Downside & the War 1914-1919.
DREW (Lt. H.T.B.) Ed.
The War Effort of New Zealand: A Popular History of (a) Minor Campaigns in which New Zealanders took part (b) Services not fully dealt with in the Campaign Volumes (c) The Work at the Bases.
DREW (Lt.-Col. G.A.)
Canada's Fighting Airmen.
DU VAL (Charles, late of the Carbineers, &c.)
With A Show through Southern Africa, & Personal Reminiscences of the Transvaal War.
DUFF (James Grant, Capt. in the 1st Regt BNI, &c.)
History of the Mahrattas.
DUGDALE (Capt. Geoffrey, MC)
"Langemarck" & "Cambrai" - A War Narrative 1914-1918.
DUGUID (Col. A. Fortescue, DSO)
Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War. General Series, Vol. I: From the Outbreak of War to the Formation of the Canadian Corps, August 1914-Sept. 1915.
DUHAMEL (Dr. Georges)
Civilization 1914-1917.
DUNCAN (Rev. James, MA, CF)
With the C.L.B. Battalion in France.
Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercromby K.B. 1793-1801: A Memoir by His Son.
DUNN (Lt. E.A.)
Three Anzacs in the War.
The Adventures of Dunsterforce.
DURAND (H.M., CSI, Bengal Civil Service)
The Life of Major-General Sir Henry Marion Durand, KCSI, CB, of the Royal Engineers.
DURAND (Major A.T.M., TD) & HASTINGS (Major R.H.W.S., DSO, OBE, MC)
The London Rifle Brigade 1919-1950.
DURAND (Sir H. Mortimer)
The 13th Hussars in the Great War.
The Life of Field-Marshal Sir George White, V.C., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., G.C.I.E., O.M., D.C.L., LL.D.
DURELL (Rev. J.C.V., BD)
Whizzbangs & Woodbines: Tales of Work & Play on the Western Front.
The War Record of Old Dunelmians 1914-1919.
The Tunnellers of Holzminden (With a Side-Issue).
DYER (Brig.-Gen. R.E.H., CB)
The Raiders of the Sarhad: Being the Account of a Campaign of Arms & Bluff Against the Brigands of the Persian-Baluchi Border during the Great War.

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