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BOLTON (E.J.) Some Memories 1916-17. 1st Ed., vii+39pp. Printed by Waterlow & Sons. nd [1923].  #60088
[HLMainPic] Introductory note explains that Eric John Bolton was born in 1897, Ed. at Sherborne & left to take up a commission in the Dorset Regiment. During the war he lost an eye & won the MC during the 3rd Battle of Ypres. This is not a Great War memorial volume as such, in that, although severely wounded, he survived the war, but his health broke down & he died in 1922. This MS. description of his active service was found among his papers. In it he describes events in France & Flanders 1916-17 with the 5th (S) Bn. Dorsets: the awful winter of 1916 when in the line: "there was not the least possibility of comfort or of sleep, so that 48 hours in the front line was as much as any man could stand. We officers had a slight pull; being out of direct rifle fire, we could squelch from post to post, thereby restoring a little warmth to our numbed feet... The darkness used to fall between four & five, & from then until dawn no officer or man in the front line might sleep... Every few hours a circle of blue faces & numbed hands would gather around a cooker & brew hot cocoa, & perhaps one of us would still have a little of his rum left. And then dawn slowly creeps into the sky to show a dead world; dawn, when rifles must be cleaned & the work started all over again..." Later, at Ypres, his wound: "a rifle grenade, which caught me full in the face. I remember carefully feeling my features one by one to see if there was anything left..." A concise but most interestring & exceptionally rare privately printed memoir. Orig. blue cloth, gilt title to front, VG with loosely inserted presentation letter from John Bolton, his father. See illustrations on our website.   £245
EDMONDS (Sir James) Military Operations France & Belgium 1916 Part I: Sir Douglas Haig's Command to 1st July 1916: The Battle of the Somme. Mapcase only: containing 13 fldg. maps. Reprint of 1932 1st Ed., IWM. [1990] 1932  #59761
[HLMainPic] Maps to accompany the 1916 text volume up to & including 1/7/16. VG. See illustration on our website.   £30
KINGSMILL (Hugh) [Pseud. of LUNN (Hugh)] Behind Both Lines. 1st Ed., 255pp., 5 plates. Morley & Mitchell. 1930  #59463
[HLMainPic] Sub Lt. Hugh Kingsmill Lunn, Drake Bn., RND, served Western Front from Nov. 1916 (the Ancre) until captured in Feb. 1917. He was incarcerated at the 'University of Mainz' with Alec Waugh & co. A most entertaining account of his active service & incarceration. Orig. pale blue cloth, gilt, near fine & rare. See illustration on our website.   £125
SPARROW (Geoffrey, MC) & MACBEAN ROSS (J.N., MC) On Four Fronts with the Royal Naval Division. 1st Ed., xxi+[261]pp., 4 plates, sketches & maps in text. H&S. 1918  #56944
[HLMainPic] Both authors were surgeons in the RND; their experiences encompass Antwerp, Gallipoli, Salonika & Western Front. A valuable personal & divisional record. Orig. blue cloth, gilt, little rubbed & worn, about VG. See illustration on our website.   £35


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