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Badges & Battle Honours of H.M. Ships.
BURNS (Lt.-Cdr. K.V., DSM, RN)
Ball of Fire: The Fifth Indian Division in the Second World War.
Balochistan, The British & The Great Game: The Struggle for the Bolan Pass, Gateway to India.
Battery Records of the Royal Artillery 1716-1859.
LAWS (Lt.-Col. M.E.S., OBE, MC, RA)
Battery Records of the Royal Artillery 1716-1859.
LAWS (Lt.-Col. M.E.S., OBE, MC, RA)
Battery Records of the Royal Artillery Vol. II 1859-1877.
LAWS (Lt.-Col. M.E.S., OBE, MC, RA)
Battle for Burma.
SMITH (Brig. E.D.)
Battle Tales from Burma.
RANDLE (Brig. John, OBE, MC)
Battle-Line Narratives 1915-1918.
Battles of the Boer War.
Bayonets to Lhasa: The First Full Account of the British Invasion of Tibet in 1904.
FLEMING ([Col.} Peter)
Behind the Scenes at German Headquarters.
Besieged in Kut - and After.
BARBER (Major Charles H., IMS)
Betting Book of the 2nd Battalion (78th) Seaforth Highlanders (1822-1908) Privately Printed for the Officers' Mess.
Beyond the Pir Panjal: Life & Missionary Enterprise in Kashmir.
NEVE (Ernest E., MD, FRCS [Edin.])
Bird Up: A Tale of Wartime Archie: Absorbing Incidents in the Trail of the Anti-Aircraft Forces.
Birmingham City Battalions Book of Honour.
BOWATER (Hon. Col. Sir William H.) Ed.
Bitolj. 1:200,000.
Blast & Counterblast.
USBORNE (Vice-Adml. C.V., CB, CMG)
Blood & Iron: The German Conquest of Sevastopol.
Bolos & Barishynas: Being an Account of the Doings of the Sadleir-Jackson Brigade, & Altham Flotilla, on the North Dvina during the Summer, 1919.
Bomb Disposal: A WW2 Bomb Disposal Officer's training notes from Royal Engineers Bomb School, Queen's College, Harbourne, Birmingham, c.1940.
Bombay Buccaneers: Memories & Reminiscences of the Royal Indian Navy.
HASTINGS (Cdr. D.J., RINVR) Comp. & Ed.
Bomber Pilot 1916-1918.
BARTLETT (Sqdrn. Ldr. C.P.O., DSC)
Boot & Saddle: A Narrative Record of the Cape Regiment, the British Cape Mounted Riflemen, the Frontier Armed Mounted Police & the Colonial Cape Mounted Riflemen.
Bouchavesnes. 62cNW2 Ed. 4A 1:10,000.
Brigade Signals.
Britain's Army in India: From its Origins to the Conquest of Bengal.
LAWFORD (James P.)
Britain's Clandestine Submarines 1914-15.
Britain's Sea Soldiers: A Record of the Royal Marines During the War 1914-1919.
Britannia Sickens: Sir Arthur Wellesley & the Convention of Cintra.
GLOVER (Michael)
Britannia's Shield: Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Hutton & Late-Victorian Imperial Defence.
British Air Strategy Between the Wars.
SMITH (Malcolm)
British Army of the Rhine Battlefield Tour. Third Day: 8 Corps Operations South of Caumont 30-31 July 1944 (Operation Bluecoat).
British Imperialism in Cyprus, 1878-1915: The Inconsequential Possession.
VARNAVA (Andrekos)
British Intelligence in the Second World War, Its Influence on Strategy & Operations.
HINSLEY (Prof. F.H.) et al.
British Military Administration in the Far East 1943-46.
British Public Schools War Memorials.
BRITMIS: A Great Adventure of the War, Being an Account of Allied Intervention in Siberia & of an Escape Across the Gobi to Peking.
HODGES (Major Phelps)
Buller's Campaign: With the Natal Field Force of 1900.
KNOX (Lt. E. Blake, BA, MD, RAMC)
Bureaucrats in Battledress: History of the Ministry of Food Home Guard.
SMITH (Henry)
Burma 1942: The Japanese Invasion. Both Sides tell the Story of a Savage Jungle War.
LYALL GRANT (Maj.-Gen. Ian, MC) & TAMAYAMA (Kazuo)
Burma, The Turning Point: The Seven Battles on the Tiddim Road which Turned the Tide of the Burma War.
LYALL GRANT (Maj.-Gen. Ian, MC)
By Authority. Standing Orders for the Native Infantry of the Madras Army.
By God They Can Fight: A History of 143rd Infantry Brigade 1908 to 1995.
By Sea & Land.
YOUNG (E. Hilton)
Bylaws of the 6th D.C.O. Lancer Co-operative Thrift Society Limited.
Byng of Vimy: General & Governor General.
WILLIAMS (Jeffery)



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